Sunday, January 26, 2014

People Do Not MEAN WELL!!!

One of the things I find most utterly annoying about most people I talk to is that they are either delusional or nasty in that they tell you that people mean well. Really? So the Jewish community actually MEANS well with the crap that they pull?

Basically, the way it works is that multiple people come to me and give me unsolicited advice-THE SAME advice from about 10 people at once. It will be to do a certain occupation while no one offers a job or to get married usually. When I tell people over and over to back off and mind their own business, I start getting calls for bullshit at like 7am from people in the community. Really? Everyone calls to invite for Shabbos at 7am? Really everyone cancels Shabbos invites at 7am? Then I do the dumb thing of complaining to people who I mistakenly think are my friends and I'm reminded... oh yeah, no Jew is my friend. I'm sorry, but I'm not delusional enough to think people have my best interests in mind when they do these things. Even if it wasn't some sort of "punishment" to call me at an inappropriate-which I know it's supposed to be-it's selfish that people when it's convenient, not having my best interests in mind or acting like a decent human being.

Well, call all you want at 7am people. I keep my phone on silent. Also, I will know my true friends by those who admit that most humans are selfish pieces of ....