Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More highlights from RATEMYPROFESSOR

"worst professor in the college! it's great that you dont have to show up to class and there are no homeworks, but the midterm and final are impossible!!! the final is cumulative, which is completley ridiculous. why does it need to be cumulative? it just makes us study double the amount of the material on the final. he is the dullest teacher"

Ummm, a professor has the right to give a cumulative exam. If you can't handle it, you don't belong in college.

"this professor is DUMB! don't teach nothing 2 test he curved test 22 points and guess what every1 still failed it. test is totally opposite what he talks about all he does is joke den give huge test midterm 50 quest final 100.. @ end i went EVERY class even HE missed 1 class i went everyclass due to fact he NEVER takes attendence wen he tries take"

No, you're dumb!

"Plz plz if possible kick him out of his chair. If possible don't let him teach the class.He is a bustard."

A later commenter asked, "what's a bustard?" I'm sure they are trying to say bastard. He's not a bastard because he didn't give you an "A."

"im warning u people. This guy is a loonatic. i dont know how hes a prefessor. I think he bribes the president to keep him on the job. He is the worst teacher i ever had. I feel like im in hell when im in his class. He should get a life and spare the students lives.Just stay away from him."

I count two spelling errors and several grammar errors.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

RCA vs. EJF or MO vs. Chareidi-same question

The RCA has issued a statement about the whole EJF thing. You can see it yourself at this link:

I'm also pasting it below. First, though, I want to comment.

It's interesting that RCA made a statement. For those who follow the conversion world, or even this blog, you will know there has been a back and forth between the RCA and EJF. When EJF formed and stated they were necessary to ensure better conversions, they were making a slap in the face to the RCA. RCA defended themselves in the way of articles published in the Jewish Press. I see this little back and forth as a representation of the MO vs. Chareidi question.

When this is discussed by the Modern, it's, "oh those Chareidi just go so far and they are so legalistic." They use examples of the extremists, not your average yeshivish Joe Schmo, I think though, it should be Yossi Schmoberg or Schmostein because you know, that's more Jewish-hahaha.

When you talk to the Chareidi, or even Yeshivish folks who are not as extreme, they say it's so bad to be Modern Orthodox. I was on the subway with a friend and commenter-she can ID herself if she wants, and her husband and a chasidic man sitting next to her husband just told him, (because of the kippa he was wearing, no doubt) "Modern Orthodox is bad. You shouldn't be Modern." Now there are Modern Orthodox machmir folks like myself. I keep Shabbos and kosher but, I listen to secular music. I have Led Zeppelin on right now. I would expect to date men you don't wear black and white. By the same token, I would expect those men to keep Shabbos and Kosher. I would expect that they don't expect a Tefillin date out of me. I don't think it appropriate for a religious girl to go to a bar or club. However, I do watch and go to movies (rarely, because I find them overpriced.)

I've stated which side of the equation I've chosen. Although, I have many, many Yeshivish friends and I fit in just fine with Yeshivish types, it's not me.

RCA Issues Statement Regarding Recent Developments Surrounding The Eternal Jewish Family Organization

Dec 22, 2009 -- We are deeply appalled, saddened and pained by reports that have reached us concerning alleged inappropriate behavior on the part of the chairman of the rabbinic committee of the Eternal Jewish Family, Rabbi Leib Tropper. We need to wait for more complete information before we can react fully.

Nonetheless, at this time, we would make the following points clear:

1. What we have heard, if true, violates the fundamental elements of all that Judaism holds sacred.

2. We urge anyone who might have been victimized to seek appropriate counseling and we, at the Rabbinical Council of America, remain ready to refer anyone who needs such assistance to the appropriate professionals.

3. Anyone who may have any questions of Jewish Law regarding conversions should feel free to contact our Geirut administrator, Rabbi Michoel Zylberman, at 212-807-9000 ext. 3.

For further information please contact Rabbi Barry Freundel at 202-258-5172.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

How did you fair the other's holiday all around you?

Over at Frum Satire's blog, I see that he posted about how Xmas went for the readers. I thought that I would put my own response here on the blog.

I worked and to me Xmas came and went more so this year than any other year. It's my first year back in college so, I was pretty much studying for finals a lot and so, I didn't notice much except for the few times I went to the regular grocery store or the drug store and they had music playing. I live in a Jewish/Muslim neighborhood so there weren't TOOO aweful many decorations up.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Yeshivish man's reaction to the Tropper scandal...

So, I Emailed a certain yeshivish person if their opinion of EJF had changed in the last week. This is what came in my inbox as a reply to the Email:

"One man being accused of inappropriate or immoral behavior - even if it is proven to be true - does not undo an entire organization, its goals and its successes. One man was not the sumtotal of the EJF."

Hmmmmm, normally, I might agree, but, this man was the founder and forefront of EJF. Also, as mentioned in my last post, who are they to say that these goals were not being met? I went through a Charedi beis din not on their list. So, that makes a sensible person realize they are just political.

Rabbi Tropper's stepping down from EJF

Members of my Yahoo group have been forwarding me a schlew of links to articles about this. I'm sure my readers are aware of the Tropper incident which has been discussed a bit on most blogs. I think I mentioned it when the story first broke out. However, I didn't write much about it including any wisecracks that I, as someone who once graced the stage of Caroline's must crack. It's in my blood to crack any and all wisecrack that come across my brainwaves. I'm going to spare the basic details, as most of my readers should be aware, if not, there are links at the bottom of this post for people to read.

Rabbi Tropper, infamous for terrorizing converts stepped down from his position in order to “pursue a variety of other interests." I suppose those other interests means finding a new woman to have an affair with, now that the old one is out of the picture. Hey, what a way to break up with someone, to record their conversations and leak them to internet!

I have to mention that I just ran across a blogger with a title I wish had been mine, "Rabbi Locks Door To Conversion, Keeps Key In His Pants." The Jewschool blog is the one that came up with this. They re-posted the Haaretz article linked below.

You know, I always knew this man and organization were no good. When I would speak to yeshivish friends, some would excitedly tell me about this organization which was trying to raise the standards of conversion. Well, Tropper was surely raising something, although, I'm not so sure it was the standards of conversion-wink-wink.

Personally, I always felt that then instead creating an organization to just do their own conversions, I felt they should work with existing organizations to create and uphold better standards.

Another thing I always found suspicious was how they tauted themselves as working to reduce the problem of intermarriage. First of all, they were not the only Orthodox group dealing with intermarried couples. Another problem with this is the high number of singles with which they worked. Hey, I thought they formed to deal with intermarriage! Uh, HUH!

It all comes back to men thinking they can have whatever they want....

Really, all of these requests that men make come back to men thinking they can have whatever they want. Well, chappies, it doesn't work that way. Women have the right of refusal. I know this point just evades some men. While there are some women who are somewhat desperate or they lack good judgement. I have a friend who told me she's not strong like me and she has to find a man. This is probably best. I think men prefer women like her anyhow.

I've pretty much accepted that I will be single for the rest of my life. I'm sad that it means I likely won't have kids but, my dating life is really almost non-existent and so, I just don't see myself finding that special guy. Also, as is the point of the post, the men have a laundry list of things they are looking for, often unreasonable items grace these lists. The 50 year old man wants a girl in her twenties. Sorry, boys, that is just not going to happen.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I am NOT infertile!!!!

Do I have to go to the sperm bank and get pregnant to shut you men up?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why do Orthodox Jews think they are entitled to insult people?

I read and comment on the bulletin board over at End the Madness once in a while. Well, recently, I posted something about how I thought I was very reasonable as I am willing to go up to ten years older than myself and that since I look ten to fifteen years younger than I am that's really all I can do. Someone comes on saying that I should post my Email in case some parties are interested. Ok, so, I go with it and post it.

What do I get in my Email box? First off, the name doesn't match who asked me for my Email in the first place. Second, he tells me he can set me up with a guy 13 years older than me (doesn't say if he has kids), also that he (the email sender) has to meet me first, which I thought was a little strange. I said, "no, that's too old." The response to this was that the sages deemed women my age-34-as unfertile and therefore I should be greatful that he offered to help me. Also, I was told that my looking younger than my age.... that since the years caught up to him, they will catch up to me, too.

What the heck? Where do these men get off? This is why I don't try to get married anymore. I didn't even go to this man, he came to me from an offhanded comment on site to discuss dating, not a solitation for dates. These men think they are G-d's gift to women and G-d's green earth. In the secular world, men told me how beautiful I was and how young I looked but, hey they were just trying to sleep with me.

I stand by the statement I've made before, men do not want to get married. Furthermore, religious single men are hypocrits. They will only date that which is way out of their league and then they call themselves observant. Men are obligated to marry and have children, not women. When men spend years dating women out of their league, never giving great women a chance because they are always deciding they deserve better. Is it really going to kill men to consider women 5 to 10 years younger than themselves instead of trying to hold out for 15 to 20 years? Are men going to curl up and die if they marry a size 10 instead of a 2? The answer is no. They are looking for something to brag about marrying and not someone with which to be happy. I really think this is a big contribution to the divorce rate. If you marry someone based on how much you can brag to people about whom you've married then you are not likely to find someone who is compatible, will make you happy and support you emotionally for many years.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Michal BREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEATHES a big fat sigh of relief. FINALS ARE OVER!!!! I had three of them today. I don't think I was ever this glad to finish a semester before. After all, I did attend two different colleges before, even if it's been a decade. All I've been doing is working and studying and doing homework. Of course, I'm working the rest of the week and people are asking me to work for them so much, I doubt I'll get much relaxation time in over break. I must sneak in some time for myself.

My last exam was my Accounting exam. It's departmental but, my professor was there when I was handing my exam. He said, "how's my best student?" Ah! I don't think I've ever been called the best student of a teacher before. That was sooooooooo cool!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I don't like Rabbi Tropper but, I listened to the "tapes" on YouTube.

I don't like Rabbi Tropper but, I listened to the "tapes" on YouTube. She isn't exactly saying no on them. She says "doing is easier than talking..." Go and listen. I listened to all five tracts and she says it more than once. The quality isn't so great but, she seems to be saying it would be easier to do the other men than it would be to have phone sex with them. He keeps telling her she doesn't have to do what she isn't comfortable with.

What do people think about a woman who isn't even trying to end this? Listen to the tapes, she wanted to marry him or something.

Albert Einstein's friend and his marriage...

As my regular readers know, I am taking a class this semester, "Paradoxes and the Limits of Knowledge." It's a sweet mixture of science, philosophy, math and computers. The professor has a charming personality. Anywho, as I take a break from my Microeconomics headache, I thought I'd blog some thoughts I had about Kurt Godel, a character who popped up throughout the course.

Kurt Godel was a mathematician and friend of Albert Einstein's (I had to put that in the title to draw you all in...) Kurt Godel was nicknamed at a young age, Mr. Why, as he was always asking why from a very young age. Michal smiles, as my mother used to ask me, "why are you always analyzing everything to death???" I guess it stands to support my career goal of Market Research Analyst. Ok, train of thought derailed... BACK... ON TRACK!

So, I was reading about this great Mathematician's marriage and I had some thoughts. You see, it occured to me how different his marriage was from the way we are viewing dating and marriage nowadays, especially in the Jewish community. His wife Adele was not some trophy wife as all the men seem to be looking for nowadays. She was thin, yes, I'll grant you that. However, she was six years older and had a disfigured face. This is hardly what the good shidduch stuff is made of in the Jewish circles these days.

Now, it seems impressive that Kurt Godel was probably the greatest mathematician of his time ONLY behind Albert Einstein. He lectured in the hallowed halls of Princeton. He came with so much stature and prestige. Yet, he was not the model husband. What? No, he was a bit... not well. He was convinced someone was poisoning his food. He kept a diary of things like his body temperature and milk of magnesia consumption. This man made his wife test his food for him. This is hardly what the good shidduch stuff is made of in the Jewish circles these days.

So, I think about what would happen to these two in today's shidduch world. Mind you, he was surely not Jewish. She was a Catholic divorcee. In reality, they were devoted to each other, despite the faults they each had. Anyhow, in today's shidduch world, I think they would match him up with size 2 Princesses 10 to 15 years younger. Adele, they would not set up. If they did set her up, it would be with men much older who would be upset that she had a facial disfigurement. If either got married, they would like get divorced...

Just a thought....

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Public figures and Lashon Hara...

I'm not approving the comment someone wants me to put up. They wrote out this long comment about how I have to stop "speaking lashon hara" about Ivanka Trump's conversion. Just as we are entitled to state what we think about politians, we are entitled to state what we think of any public figure. Furthermore, this person mentions that I shouldn't be telling people information that they don't already know. Well, I think most people already know that Ivanka doesn't dress tznius. I have nothing against her as a person. If she wanted to run around in her scantily clad outfits that would have been fine. I don't care what the non-Jews wear. However, she chose to convert Orthodox. If my friend who is a fan of hers and not Jewish thinks the conversion is a sham, and I want to post about that, I will. It's not Lashon Hara. As I stated, we are permitted to discuss public figures. Ask your rabbi if you're allowed to discuss the polititians, you are. Why? They are public figures. The rules surrounding discussing public figures are different.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Responding to an Ivanka Trump comment...

The following comment was posted on a Nov. post:
Anonymous said...
You should all be ashamed of yourselves. No matter what she wears, eats or whom she marries it is unimaginably difficult for ANYONE to defy the traditions with which they were raised (even if the extent of those traditions was an annual trip to the mall to sit on Santa's lap) for themselves LET ALONE for the person they love. Who are any of you to judge her commitment? Has any of you had the guts to stand up to your family, to the public, or your critics to do something so life-altering? You're all gross.

My response:
Michaltastik said...
Honey, I'm a convert myself. Another thing I don't think you understand is the Jewish religion doesn't support people converting for marriage but continuing in their old ways. As long as she doesn't dress Orthodox, she didn't change. How did she change?

Have we had the guts to stand up to our family to make a life-altering change. Well, my family's dead but, I had plenty of co-workers who had something to say about it. I'll bet they didn't make anti-semitic comments to Ivanka at the office.

EJF leader, Tropper goes down?

You MUST check out this link. Could this be for real? I always knew this guy was shady, I just never thought he'd get caught.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What my non-Jewish friend thinks of Ivanka's conversion

I reconnected with one of my non-Jewish friends. So, she and I were talking about everything we've been up to during the last few years. We lost touch when I was early in my conversion process.

So, anyhow, she started telling me how she likes Twitter and the stars even have Twitter accounts you can read. I said, "I know, I've heard about Donald Trump's daughter having a twitter because she's a Jewish convert but doesn't put anything up about being Jewish." My friend burst out, "WHAT??? Oh, because that guy she married is Jewish." So, I said, "yeah, she actually had an Orthodox conversion so, I blog about her...."

"WHAT??! Ivanka's not Orthodox! She's still wearing those skirts and those clothes. I ought to know, I'm a fan of hers and I keep up. I love her but, one thing she is not, is Orthodox. She's not fooling anyone." I told my friend, "yeah, that's one of the things I blog about, Ivanka's conversion to Judaism and I'm going to blog this exchange." She laughed...

Why don't you...

I was discussing on the ETM board, I don't know if they will post it, I think hosts feel like we owe them because we are at their house. Right there, they lost their mitzvah points for that one. Then I went on to say...

Another one of my pet peeves is a bunch of, "why don't you do this?" "why don't you do that?" "Why don't you become a therapist instead of going to school for business?" "why don't you move?" I think people look stupid when they say these things. It should stand to reason that if it's my life, I've already thought of whether or not I want to do X, Y or Z long before you did. If not, then you are even more nosy. Tact, they have to teach people tact in the Jewish community.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The REAL cause of the Shidduch Crisis

Is that which I posted about in the last post and everything related to it. Singles have become too picky. This man said he's only attracted to a size two. Who's to say if a size two girl is attracted to him. Everyone wants the best and not everyone can be the best so, therefore not everyone can have the best. If it isn't the men demanding a size two, it's the women who want the top learner in Lakewood or the man who makes the most and is gorgeous.

Myself, I just want a guy who I enjoy his company and we can build a life together. He has to have personality, though. I can't compromise that.

Responding to a response about the dress size question

Over on the ETM-End the Madness discussion group a man has come in and stated that he is only attracted to a size 2. This guy points out that Eva Langoria is deemed the most beautiful woman in the world and SHE is a size 0. Aren't we women lucky that men are only asking for 2 instead of 0? How much do men really even know the difference between these sizes, anyhow?

My response, as posted on the ETM board:
I want to point out, there are other things that can add or take away from attractiveness. If a woman is a size two but she has nasty skin, this will be a contributing factor. What about youth? What about a woman who is 34 and yet looks like she is twenty complete with radiating skin and hair that looks like spun gold. Oh, but, if she is a not a size 2, it's out of the question. There are a lot of sizes between 2 and 22.

I recommend that people be realistic and think about what they have to offer and what they can't offer. Then they should think about what is most important to them and prioritize. If "2" is what's most important, then men are being shallow and should be ready for a girl who treats them bad because many women will lose weight just so they can be a demanding little princess. I'm not saying every small girl is like that, but, it's something to consider.

Another last tidbit, what two looks like on every girl is different. I have a friend who is a two and she still looks big. On most girls, however, they would look immaciated. How about saying, "not too big..." or pretty face is more important than size. Perhaps, size IS more important than a pretty face.

To sum up, it's a give and take. All singles have to be realistic. Many women, want rich, very rich and goood looking....

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Judaism and the value of privacy....

Man, I am SOOOOOOO Freaking sick and tired of the community sticking their noses into my business. They are going to push a lot of people off the derech with that and I don't think Hashem will judge the OTDs like he'll judge those who pushed them there. This is the whole reason why we have a shidduch crisis. People are afraid to find someone that will make them happy if it's not a spouse who people will find acceptable.

I stopped going to people for Shabbos because of this. Now, I could never dream of breaking Shabbos but, there's a lot of people out there who will feel entitled to watch TV and use the computer on Shabbos because they are single and they won't go to families because the women are mean and make snotty comments which reveal their truly crappy middos.

When I went to the beis din for my conversion, one of the rabbis asked me to recite the paragraph starting with, "ma tovo elehayah..." It's funny the men start their davening with this paragraph. Does anyone know what the commentary in the Artscroll talks about? "How goodly are your tents!" The tents were goodly because none of the openings faced into each other. Privacy was prioritized. Veterans converts in my Yahoo group tell me and others in the group that we should just get over these intrusions people feel they can make into our lives. After all, no one had privacy in the shetl and so we must tell our business so others feel safe around us.

Tznius is about keeping that which needs to be private, private. Therefore, it is about not just keeping our skirts down and our elbows covered but it's about not sharing everything with others. When others fire nosy and personal question after nosy and personal question at us, it's no different from if they were to pull up a girl's skirt. It disgusts me when they do this. They feel that when you are single they have the right to ask whatever they want. Why should they feel as such? They shouldn't. It's time we speak up for ourselves.

Happy Chanukah!!!

Chanukah once again....

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Partners in Crime!

One of my facebook friends was telling me how she and a friend were partners in crime. So, it reminded me of my best friend from college-well college the first time. We broke into the science building at our college and went up to the roof and looked at the plants... in the middle of the night! Ah, those were the days!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another highlight from rate my....

"Disapointed. Although he knows the material, he can't expain it. His examples are amature. Terable attitude and arrogant. Heavy accent (Russian). You can pass with A if u READ READ READ the book: 70% is T/F 20% is MC and 10% worked problems. Ironicly all he'll do is math (cant speak english well). No partial credit, no curve. Good luck."

Ahem, he can't speak English well? Neither can you.

Disgusting Jewish language!

It's disgusting the way they call women a tragedy for not being married. One of the blogs I follow, follows "The Curious Jew," or Chana. She was sent a link to this video and her reaction is found at:

Now, I'm 34, so, I'm beyond a tradgedy or am I? If you look at the video, you see they only care about BAIS YAAKOV girls. They don't care about Modern Orthodox girls. They don't care about Converts. They don't care about the orphans. This is about the parents of BY girls being upset that their precious little darlings aren't married. The reality is that the age gap isn't the only contributing factor. Many boys are marrying foreign girls. More boys are falling off the derech than girls. Also, I want to see stats of what percent of yeshiva bochurim aren't married.

A little Zeppelin for your veiwing pleasure....

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ladies: watch out for this common married man scam...

One of my FB friends has a status up whereas, some man told her his wife does do this that at the other thing for him. She feels BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD for him. I tried to explain to her what was going on.

Please read this. It's important.

THIS is a commom scam, if you will, that men use on women. They try to make you feel bad for them. The next step is he will act like it's so bad he might get divorced. He will work this and make you FEEEEEEEEEEEL bad for him. If you were to insist that he divorce her and marry you before he lays a hand on you.... He... See More will have a fit and tell you his wife is wonderful and HOW DARE YOU suggest such a thing. Suddenly, he will admit that really she is wonderful and does all the things above and more. He is in fact a douchebag who can't keep it in his pants and cheats on her using this scam to reel his playthings in. Meanwhile, she is home tending to the kids, cooking, cleaning and trying to look pretty for him.

I repeat, the whole thing is a lie. One should not believe everythign they are told-especially by a man who obviously wants a little extra.... Well, as a 34 year old woman, it's incredibly obvious to me, as I've seen this one too many times before. You are younger and you aren't used to married men...

When a man tells you this stuff, you should tell him it's inappropriate for him to tell you this. Use your brains: he is speaking lashon hara about the woman he's supposed to be devoted to. What does that make him? (Ahem, a douchebag.) If he needs to speak to someone, it should be:
1) his wife
2) his rabbi
3) a professional counselor...

Rabbi Wallerstein always talks about this stuff. He sees it a lot where married men come to a married woman they work with and state that she has such a good marriage and he doesn't, "can you help me?"

The answer is: "no, this is not my place."

Also, men will come to women at work and argue with them/play their sympathy about Judaism requires Jews to date Jews. We're racist, right? That's what they say. I usually tell them, "well, I wouldn't consider a Jew who doesn't keep Shabbos and Kosher so, you see that it's not a race thing. It's a religion thing. I'm only looking for something compatible. Someone who doesn't keep Shabbos and Kosher is not compatible. Non-Jews donnot do this."

Ok, I have to get back to my accounting...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

For My Chasidic Readers...

A Real Snow Storm

Well, one of my Facebook friends says he can't wait for a real snow storm. So, I said that to me, having grown up in Buffalo, I know snow like Bo don't know.... The last blizzard I was around for was the "storm of the century" or the blizzard of 2000. So, here are some pictures:

That picture is the view I had from my job at the time which I was stranded at overnight. Ok, to be fair, they reimbursed for us to stay in a hotel and actually, those of us from that place got the last rooms.

There was also a nice snow the winter of 1998-1999. I remember it was the winter before I went into the Army. I went into the Army April of 1999. During this storm, I looked out the window at my car which was in the driveway and all I could see was about 6 inches of window. The rest was a great big lump of white. They put driving bans into effect. The businesses were forced to shut down for a couple days. I don't know how much food I had, but, I must have had something. I usually had a good stock of soup. I used to love to eat Campell's Chunky Sirloin Burger soup with cheese in it-soooooooooooo, not kosher.

I also remember a blizzard in the 80's. I wanted to say that it was in 1984 but, it couldn't have been. I remember which teacher I had. I had her for 5th and 6th grade. I think it was '85 or '86. We were off school for a week. We played in the snow: me, my sister and our friends from the neighborhood. We went sledding on the giant mound of snow in the backyard. Ah, those were the days!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pictures I drew of plants... 2 pics

Bird.. Bird... Bird is the word...

I drew these way back when I worked as receptionist/billing clerk/customer service agent/it doesn't fit in a category so, let's give it to Nicole to do. The girl who sat by the reception desk was really into birds, so these are recreations of her pictures. I thought I'd put them up.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Business majors are dead people...

I find my fellow business majors to be lacking in personality and zest for life. They think I'm a weirdo.

I was sitting in my 11am class but, the professor had not yet arrived to enlighten our minds quite, yet. I was looking through my Facebook notifications because, you know, what else would I do while waiting for the class to start... well, I saw the following comment after me on someone's status:

"If I lived in Boro Park I would have nightmares of those furry hats growing curly legs and chasing me :P"

(If you are regular reader you know that I don't live in Boro Park. The person who had the original status is. The commenter from above is also not.)

Anyhow, I BURST out laughing. I found it funny. Do you know that this guy who is actually in all four of my classes (not that he actually shows up most of the time) started talking about me to his friend? He was bothered that you know, I can actually find something funny. Well, they may rule me to have to much zest and humor appreciation. I rule that they have the personality of a wet sock. Doh!

Picture of Michal....

You didn't think I'd really post something the stalkers might enjoy, did you?

Another sappy post....

ANONYMOUS who is against Israel... you must read this

This is from the long trail of comments on the last post....

Well, ANONYMOUS person who started this... DO YOU SEE THAT?!?

The other thing is that I think you were not realizing that while I see an intrisic value to Israel, I do see this as, we all hope, an intermediary between between diaspora and the Israel davened for.

Proof that no one, not even the Modern Orthodox Zionists see this Israel as the "end all, be all Israel" is in the fact that the rabbis haven't taken out of the siddur to daven for Israel. We continue to daven for that Israel because this Israel is not that Israel. However, we are no longer in the same total diaspora situation we were in prior to (this) Israel. We are somewhere in between. We commemorate the "in-between" state that we are in.

Perhaps, you could be a beacon to explain this misunderstanding to others. That is, if that wasn't too confusing.

Let's clarify...

When I said that someone who demonstrates against Israel isn't Jewish, I really meant in that behavior of protesting the Jewish land, they are un-Jewish. If someone burns a US flag.. they are unAmerican. I know some of you don't agree but, Israel is the only Jewish land. Israel is the only land where THE national holidays are the Jewish holidays. I agree with those who say that we really don't know how safe we are in another country. Sure, we may be safe now... but, who knows how long that will last. I agree that many American Jews are disconnected greatly from the land of Israel. When I went to see Jaffa, the Israeli movie:

at the reception afterwards, I overheard people who had been to Israel once telling others about it. One specific snipet I heard was, "it was very hard to get around because it was THE SHABBAT." Who says, "the shabbat" anyway? Obviously this person was barely, if at all aware of what Shabbos is supposed to be. Now, I bet the secular Israelis have a better grasp of Shabbos. It showed that indeed, most American Jews are too disconnected and cofortable in the diaspora.

The idea that we have a whole nation full of Jews... it intrigues me. Israelis are different than American Jews. In America, Jews are kinda similar. There's the stereotype of the JAP and the pencil pusher with glasses... In Israel, the Jews are everyone not just a population. It's ssssssssoooooooooo different. Ok, I admit this is my feeling from talking to people and watching my secular Israeli videos. Sidenote: MAN, are the Israeli men hotter in Israel! Anyway, I definately want to at least make my first trip to Israel: for the men and just to be in the Jewish land....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An anti-Israel comment from a Jew...

If you look back to this September post, you will see a nasty little commment against Israel from someone who seems to be saying they are Jewish.

The comment is as follows:
Anonymous said...
I really have an issue with anyone questioning someone elses Jewishness especially when either one of those ppl is a convert. The issue with Israel is long and complicated. According to your blog they were protesting the "State of Israel". Well from what I've heard and seen I question the "State of Israel" as well. I mean really, when Hashem promised us this land did He really intend that we should have prostitution and such there? Was that really the goal? After years of persecution and rejection of Jews all over the world that some should come to the Jewish homeland and still be rejected and persecuted by your own people? The "State of Israel" and state in which Israel is in is seriously flawed and you have no right to question anyone's Jewishness for speaking out.

And speaking of "handing it over to the Arabs", you do realize that we Jews got kicked out of Israel for disobeying G-d' commandments (baseless hatred and all that). In the meantime a new group of ppl happened on some empty land (pretty prime real estate as the Torah describes it) and made it their home. The Holocaust happens and the agreement is made to send us to Israel, completely disregarding the fact that ppl are already living there.

How would you feel after you moved into your new home and the government said " Now I know u found this place empty, and i know it technically didn't belong to anyone, and I know you've built your roots here and I know you've got no where else to go, but umm get out" Wouldn't you be pissed off? Wouldn't you "fight" for what you worked hard for? Would you hold at least a little grudge against the folks who took your home away?"

Now I'm not saying anyone is right or that anyone is wrong but there are always 3 sides to a story- yours, theirs and the truth

Michal responds here:
I'm sorry. Would you prefer that I get some born Jews to come and defend Israel because in your mind, you have decided that I'm not Jewish. When I say that they are not Jewish, I am not saying that they are halachically not Jewish. I don't have the ability to say that as you do not have the ability to say that about me just because I'm a gyoress. However, I will say this: to rally against the state of Israel is unJewish in the way that burning an American flag is unAmerican.

As for the state not being perfect, well no, at this time, it is not. However, fighting each other is not the way bring Moshiach and the perfect state of Israel. We have to appreciate the imperfect Israel, lest Hashem should find us unworthy of the Perfect State of Israel.