Thursday, December 24, 2009

I am NOT infertile!!!!

Do I have to go to the sperm bank and get pregnant to shut you men up?


  1. I happen to think that you're reading too much into what the guy said in the first place, as well as placing too much importance on his opinion. He is an idiot...who care?

  2. After you agreed with him, now you admit that he's an idiot. Besides, I'm a blogger. I blog. I need people like him so I have topics. Without the schmucks, my art is lost.

  3. Ok, maybe not LOST but, I get blog mileage out of the schmucks. I definately do not place importance on him and his opinion.

  4. No of course you are not infertile Michal.

    You know what you are looking for. Don't settle for anything less.

    Regardless if a person is in their late 20's, 30's or even 40's. Everyone hopes one day to find their Bashert.

    But to insult a women on the grounds that being single and passed a certain age deems her to be infertile is uncalled for.

  5. I never said that I agreed with what he said. I simply attempted to clarify what he said, and I attempted to do so in a way that was more though out and less controversial. I called his decision as "quite ignorant", and gave him the benefit of the doubt, supposing that he had a certain background or was biased in a way that led him to come to this conclusion.

  6. BeeZee,

    Thank you for wanting to clarify this individuals opinion.But as you can see from a woman's perspective how insulting such a remark can be.

    These issues need to be approached with both common sense and sensitivity.

  7. Anon, thanks for reminding me...

    That's another thing: I'm perfectly clear on what he meant. He meant to make feel grateful for any suggestion I get so he could hurl the scum of the earth at me and tell me it's a great man. Some guy reader sent me an Email telling me the guy is probably himself. I already figured that out. Jewish men don't realize after 10 years of dating non-religious men, I'm hip to all the games. I'm not some ditzy Jappy FFB. I've had men try to play games with my head. Jewish men are even easier to see through.