Monday, December 14, 2009

Responding to a response about the dress size question

Over on the ETM-End the Madness discussion group a man has come in and stated that he is only attracted to a size 2. This guy points out that Eva Langoria is deemed the most beautiful woman in the world and SHE is a size 0. Aren't we women lucky that men are only asking for 2 instead of 0? How much do men really even know the difference between these sizes, anyhow?

My response, as posted on the ETM board:
I want to point out, there are other things that can add or take away from attractiveness. If a woman is a size two but she has nasty skin, this will be a contributing factor. What about youth? What about a woman who is 34 and yet looks like she is twenty complete with radiating skin and hair that looks like spun gold. Oh, but, if she is a not a size 2, it's out of the question. There are a lot of sizes between 2 and 22.

I recommend that people be realistic and think about what they have to offer and what they can't offer. Then they should think about what is most important to them and prioritize. If "2" is what's most important, then men are being shallow and should be ready for a girl who treats them bad because many women will lose weight just so they can be a demanding little princess. I'm not saying every small girl is like that, but, it's something to consider.

Another last tidbit, what two looks like on every girl is different. I have a friend who is a two and she still looks big. On most girls, however, they would look immaciated. How about saying, "not too big..." or pretty face is more important than size. Perhaps, size IS more important than a pretty face.

To sum up, it's a give and take. All singles have to be realistic. Many women, want rich, very rich and goood looking....

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  1. This isn't a problem that's unique to the frum world. I'm not in any event convinced that there is a "shidduch crisis." I've never seen any hard data actually backing up such claims.