Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rabbi Tropper's stepping down from EJF

Members of my Yahoo group have been forwarding me a schlew of links to articles about this. I'm sure my readers are aware of the Tropper incident which has been discussed a bit on most blogs. I think I mentioned it when the story first broke out. However, I didn't write much about it including any wisecracks that I, as someone who once graced the stage of Caroline's must crack. It's in my blood to crack any and all wisecrack that come across my brainwaves. I'm going to spare the basic details, as most of my readers should be aware, if not, there are links at the bottom of this post for people to read.

Rabbi Tropper, infamous for terrorizing converts stepped down from his position in order to “pursue a variety of other interests." I suppose those other interests means finding a new woman to have an affair with, now that the old one is out of the picture. Hey, what a way to break up with someone, to record their conversations and leak them to internet!

I have to mention that I just ran across a blogger with a title I wish had been mine, "Rabbi Locks Door To Conversion, Keeps Key In His Pants." The Jewschool blog is the one that came up with this. They re-posted the Haaretz article linked below.

You know, I always knew this man and organization were no good. When I would speak to yeshivish friends, some would excitedly tell me about this organization which was trying to raise the standards of conversion. Well, Tropper was surely raising something, although, I'm not so sure it was the standards of conversion-wink-wink.

Personally, I always felt that then instead creating an organization to just do their own conversions, I felt they should work with existing organizations to create and uphold better standards.

Another thing I always found suspicious was how they tauted themselves as working to reduce the problem of intermarriage. First of all, they were not the only Orthodox group dealing with intermarried couples. Another problem with this is the high number of singles with which they worked. Hey, I thought they formed to deal with intermarriage! Uh, HUH!

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