Thursday, December 3, 2009

Business majors are dead people...

I find my fellow business majors to be lacking in personality and zest for life. They think I'm a weirdo.

I was sitting in my 11am class but, the professor had not yet arrived to enlighten our minds quite, yet. I was looking through my Facebook notifications because, you know, what else would I do while waiting for the class to start... well, I saw the following comment after me on someone's status:

"If I lived in Boro Park I would have nightmares of those furry hats growing curly legs and chasing me :P"

(If you are regular reader you know that I don't live in Boro Park. The person who had the original status is. The commenter from above is also not.)

Anyhow, I BURST out laughing. I found it funny. Do you know that this guy who is actually in all four of my classes (not that he actually shows up most of the time) started talking about me to his friend? He was bothered that you know, I can actually find something funny. Well, they may rule me to have to much zest and humor appreciation. I rule that they have the personality of a wet sock. Doh!


  1. I did a business minor in college and I know exactly what you're talking about. I would literally sit in class looking forward to the class and talk to my friend who was also doing a minor. Everyone else who was probably a major just looked brain dead. Then, they would get annoyed that we were laughing while they were being "serious" and reviewing their accounting. I was always like "Dude, I reviewed all of my accounting, finance and blaw last night like a sane person. It's your fault you decided not to review todays lesson." and go back to talking and you know... enjoying life???!

  2. I have Center Stage on vcr tape too! Haha, I need to watch it before I end up with no vcr anymore! It's about a group of ballet students at either nyc or abt... I think it's abt. Don't quote me on that though!

    I rented Ballet Shoes and l loved it! I didn't expect to when I got it from Netflix but it ended up being a sweet little movie.