Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What my non-Jewish friend thinks of Ivanka's conversion

I reconnected with one of my non-Jewish friends. So, she and I were talking about everything we've been up to during the last few years. We lost touch when I was early in my conversion process.

So, anyhow, she started telling me how she likes Twitter and the stars even have Twitter accounts you can read. I said, "I know, I've heard about Donald Trump's daughter having a twitter because she's a Jewish convert but doesn't put anything up about being Jewish." My friend burst out, "WHAT??? Oh, because that guy she married is Jewish." So, I said, "yeah, she actually had an Orthodox conversion so, I blog about her...."

"WHAT??! Ivanka's not Orthodox! She's still wearing those skirts and those clothes. I ought to know, I'm a fan of hers and I keep up. I love her but, one thing she is not, is Orthodox. She's not fooling anyone." I told my friend, "yeah, that's one of the things I blog about, Ivanka's conversion to Judaism and I'm going to blog this exchange." She laughed...

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  1. I've heard two of my non-Jewish friends say the same thing about Ivanka's so-called conversion. One is a fan of Ivanka's and has followed her on Tweeter. According to my friend Ivanka has never tweeted about anything remotely Jewish. Not even to wish her followers a Happy Hanukkah.

    It looks like Ivanka doesn't feel comfortable identifying as Jewish because her "conversion" wasn't sincere. It seems there was some kind of agreement for Ivanka to have an express easy "conversion" so she could get married quickly to Jared. There's something suspicious about the whole thing.

    I always refer to Ivanka's conversion as being insincere whenever the subject comes up. I haven't seen anything about Ivanka's conduct that makes me believe otherwise.