Thursday, December 3, 2009

ANONYMOUS who is against Israel... you must read this

This is from the long trail of comments on the last post....

Well, ANONYMOUS person who started this... DO YOU SEE THAT?!?

The other thing is that I think you were not realizing that while I see an intrisic value to Israel, I do see this as, we all hope, an intermediary between between diaspora and the Israel davened for.

Proof that no one, not even the Modern Orthodox Zionists see this Israel as the "end all, be all Israel" is in the fact that the rabbis haven't taken out of the siddur to daven for Israel. We continue to daven for that Israel because this Israel is not that Israel. However, we are no longer in the same total diaspora situation we were in prior to (this) Israel. We are somewhere in between. We commemorate the "in-between" state that we are in.

Perhaps, you could be a beacon to explain this misunderstanding to others. That is, if that wasn't too confusing.

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