Saturday, December 26, 2009

Yeshivish man's reaction to the Tropper scandal...

So, I Emailed a certain yeshivish person if their opinion of EJF had changed in the last week. This is what came in my inbox as a reply to the Email:

"One man being accused of inappropriate or immoral behavior - even if it is proven to be true - does not undo an entire organization, its goals and its successes. One man was not the sumtotal of the EJF."

Hmmmmm, normally, I might agree, but, this man was the founder and forefront of EJF. Also, as mentioned in my last post, who are they to say that these goals were not being met? I went through a Charedi beis din not on their list. So, that makes a sensible person realize they are just political.


  1. Yes, but two men do undo the entire organization - Tropper, and the far more problematic Eisenstein. Tropper is flawed, but Eisenstein is wicked.

  2. "I went through a Charedi beis din not on their list."
    How does that make a sensible person realize that they are just political?

  3. Bee Zee, because if they are trying to raise the bar for conversion standards then, they should have on their list any chareidi beis din.

  4. I'm not sure how that would be "raising the bar". Letting anyone on the beis din list is still letting anyone on the beis din list. Your previous posts have shown a great reluctance to admit to a connection between being chareidi and being more religious in a real sense, so why shouldn't EJF feel the same way? Just because someone is labeled as "chareidi" it means that they are more strict and more religious? This isn't the case. I also wouldn't call every beis din on their list particularly chareidi, as some are made up of people who are more on the modern side. The issue isn't about being chareidi in appearance or not, it is about them knowing that you follow the standards of Rav Eliyashiv and have shychus with him. They aren't saying that those batei din on their list are the only ones that operate according to such standards, but these are the ones that they themselves know about.

  5. It seems the goals of EJF themselves have been called into question, read the Da'as Torah blog about allegations of seeking intermarried couples to convert and unusual conversion procedures. The whole organization is in disrepute and needs to be shut down, in my opinion.

  6. BT,
    Did you notice that one of my comments was featured as a blog post on Daas Torah?