Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I have a new blog and Youtube channel

I have a new blog and a youtube channel, so if anyone is still with this blog or checks it, though it's been quite a while, you can find me over there.

Why the change?

Well, first off, there was quite a gap in time and I haven't, quite honestly, been using this Gmail account. Also, while I covered politics sometimes here before, politics is most of what I cover now. I've also changed over from using Michaltastik to using "Analytical Chick." I'm no longer just targeting a Jewish audience and talking about Jewish topics. I'm more talking about politics, but there's a definite Jewish bias to my posts and videos. In May, I went to a peaceful protest against Linda Sarsour, BDS proponent and political activist. I wrote a few posts about her, my trip to the protest, and the media coverage of the protest. If you don't know who Linda Sarsour is, you should look at my blog and/or search her on Youtube where many people have made videos about her. I've also done some videos about imams speaking against Jews.

I'm begining to shift and cover communism in America because a lot of people don't realize that there is a group trying to overthrow the government and put a communist government into place. I was always pretty much politically asleep. I figured or hoped that if I needed to wake up and speak out on the nation's behalf someone I knew that was politically active would basically shake me awake. Well, if you're like I was, I'm here to tell you, it's time-it's past time. Yes, we dodged a bullet and got Donald Trump elected instead of Hillary. Hillary was accepting many donations from countries in the Middle East like Qatar, which still has slavery legal TODAY, all the while proclaiming that she was for all sorts of minorities. Donald Trump has enough money that he can't be bought by foreign nations. However, there is still much work to be done. There are many corrupt politicians that need to be voted out.

Besides, the news that I cover, I provide a list on my new blog of many other political youtubers. I recommend checking some of them out and becoming aware as to all of the things that are going on, that the mainstream media hasn't been reporting. Perhaps, you were aware the media is bad, but had no idea where to look for the real news and what independent providers you can trust. Anyone that I've asterisked on my list is recommended by me. I've spot checked their reports and stand behind them.