Thursday, July 29, 2010

Request: discuss the "red string"

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I've had a request from one of the readers. She would like to discuss the red string. Bring it on boys and goyls.

Monday, July 26, 2010

to b'av or not tu b'av....

Ok, so the title is little cliche. Here we are, on Tu b'Av, the Jewish day of romance. Hey, where's my date?

Once upon a time, the Jewish women would all borrow each other white dresses and go dancing in the fields in hopes of attracting a husband. Times were different, weren't they? Nowadays we erect great big giant walls and the women dance behind them. I don't understand how, back in those days it wasn't considered un-tznius for women to be dancing in front of the men.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

iWrite an advertising paper

Remember this post where I asked you all to help me pick out a company for my paper? Well, it's been picked out. I'm writing about the Apple Ipod's iconic silhouette ad campaign. I'll take any imput or memories from my readers. I've been hard core hitting the web and I have been finding stuff, I really have.

 However what's missing are personal accounts and memories. Also, I found the magazines where they ran this campaign, but, I didn't find the TV stations. Was MTV one of them? I think it was. I found pictures of the ads taking over stations of the BART (subway? commuter train?) in San Francisco. There seems to have been heavy advertising for this campaign in San Francisco.

The rest of us were not left out, though. I remember I would be doing crunchies on the ball in the commercial breaks and this commercial would come on and I would jump up and dance around the room. Sigh.... nowadays I don't do so much dancing around the room. Mostly, I study....

Monday, July 19, 2010

President Barak HUSSEIN Obama vs. the people of the United States

I'm sure you're all aware of what's going on, but, I don't think any other major Jewish blogger has yet spoken about the situation with Arizona. What's going on is that our border has collapsed and the gang banger illegals have taken over our Nation on the border of Mexico and the state is trying to step it up and implement a policy that their cops should start asking for ID. If you don't have US ID, you go to Jail. If you are an American or a legal resident, why wouldn't you have ID?

From section two of the video (around 2:50), "... we are starting to identify that the president HATES America, the president hates the American dream, that the president of the United States is WAGING WAR on the American dream, entrepreneuralism, and excellence. He literally is implementing policies that are a clear and present danger and are acts of treason and I believe that come November...."

Oh G-d, I hope so!

People need to wake up that this man is our president and he is responsible for us, yet he is attacking us. They posted some articles on Yahoo! last week and I was looking at the comments. It seems that the majority of the US citizens agree with me.

--Michal, descendant of BETSY ROSS

Sunday, July 18, 2010

some thoughts about advertising...

If you don't remember, I'm working on this paper. So, I'm noticing, every city has that one obnoxious dealership that advertises like crazy.  Well, here in NYC, it's Majorworld. In Buffalo, we had Dino Gambino: Push Pull it or drag it in. In San Antonio, there was someone there who was the same way.

Anyhow, radio ads are characteristically local. Right now, there's a comedy show being advertised. TV ads are more national.

I was leaning towards Bud Light because I saw them on the subway in both Spanish and English and I know I can get some of their TV ads from the superbowl for sure but, I need them somewhere else, magazines and or newspapers?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dirty old men prohibited?

I ran across this online. The link is:

Marrying an Old Man - Sanhedrin 76

Thursday April 29, 2010 5:38 PM - Leave a Comment

by: Rabbi Yaakov Montrose

(printed in Halachic World)

Reb Muttel was not sure what to do. On the one hand, his daughter simply had no luck with shidduchim, and she was already thirty-nine. On the other hand, though the potential shidduch his daughter was now being offered was a person who was well known to be a tremendous Tzadik, and a kind and wealthy person, he thought that marrying off his daughter to someone thirty five years older than her might be transgressing the Gemora that says that one should not marry off his daughter to an older person. As any Torah abiding person would do when he was unclear about a certain Halachah, he went to ask his Rav to advise him as to whether or not the Shidduch was permitted.

The Gemora says that three types of people transgress the verse of “Lemaan Sefos Haravah Es HaTzemei’ah” - “In order to add the watered upon the thirsty.” One of them is someone who marries off his daughter to an old man. The Shulchan Aruch rules that this is also a prohibition against a young man marrying an old woman. The reason for the prohibition is that the younger partner will not be satisfied with the relationship, and will probably end up acting in a promiscuous fashion.

The Sefer Chasidim says that this a prohibition against being “married off” to an old man. If a woman wants to marry an old man - for example, if she wants to do so because she wants to be the wife of a Tzadik - she would be permitted to do so. This Sefer Chasidim is quoted by the Beis Shmuel and Chelkas Mechokek.

There seem to be at least two clear proofs to the Sefer Chasidim. We know that Rus married Boaz, who was extremely old at that time. Additionally, we find in Avos D’Rebbi Nasan (ch.16) that Rabbi Eliezer was already an old man when his young niece wanted to marry him. After he tried to discourage her and she still insisted, he agreed to marry her.

The Aruch HaShulchan qualifies the Sefer Chasidim. He explains that even if the girl readily agrees to the marriage, if Beis Din sees that the woman’s motives are to share (or take over) her husband’s wealth, it is not appropriate to perform such a wedding. Being that she is not really interested in the marriage, she will end up being unfaithful to her husband.

Conclusion: It is permitted for a woman to marry an old man if we see that the reason for her agreement to the marriage is worthy. One is not allowed to pressure his daughter into such a marriage against her will.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More ranting...

Ok, this I submitted to a bulletin board, but ya know, I like to be efficient and recycle.

You all read the story recently, someone invited me for Shabbos on the pretense of wanting to host someone who is alone on Shabbos. I think before he even made kiddush he started in... he felt I should move to Passaic (mind you, I'm modern and attend a CUNY) I said, "I can't move. I'm in college." He actually said maybe a volunteer organization would pack my stuff for me. He also said, "college is cheaper in Jersey." Ummm, out of state tuition cheaper than in-state tuition? Well, I didn't know the guy and he just had an answer for everything. He even said I should go get new pictures for Frumster. Yeah... my pictures are professional headshots that go for $250/$300, I know no one is paying that just for pics on Frumster.

MAN OH MAN am I sick of people feeling entitled to judge me based on my status of single. Maybe the married folks married nebachs. I sure thought this guy was a neb but, I was raised to bite my tongue. Although, I spoke up and told him something like, well you only invited me to tell me to move to Passaic.

I told people were supposed to learn, "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The state of the Jewish people...

I was just commenting on the Rubashkin case on another blog. Apparently they held a big fat rally to support him last night in Lakewood. Here is one of my comments from the other blog.

When I see the state of the Jewish people I wonder what Hashem thinks but, I quickly realize what He must think. Seriously, how is HASHEM supposed to get through the BULLLLLL-headed PHONEY-BALONEY Jews? Who is here to teach Jews the real ways of Torah? At every turn you see these guys in the "Jewish Uniform" slamming against the Torah with their, "non-Jews aren't real people" and their "blame the goyim for everything" attitudes. Anyone who speaks sense is dismissed by these folks. I could try to speak up but, it wouldn't matter. I don't count because I'm a woman. Furthermore, I don't count because I'm a convert. Be that as it may be, I have good faith that HASHEM does not agree with this garbage.

Help me pick out a company to analyze their advertising...

I've been given the assignment below. I could use help from my readership. Finding TV ads on YouTube is not so hard but I need like radio, newspaper and magazine, too, all for the same product. Does anyone have ideas? If you see or hear an ad current in a magazine, newspaper or on the radio that you think the company would also advertise on TV... I know I have OTD blogreaders who listen to the radio and watch TV... think, who's on both? I just heard a Raid ad on the radio but that's the other problem, I need copies to analyze it all.

Select a product (such as Tide detergent, Dove soap, Target stores, project Red etc.) - please run the product by me before you begin to write. You are going to do a analysis of an advertising campaign for this product. Then take a look at a minimum of 3 different media where ads appear for this product (such as the internet, TV, outdoor, radio, newspapers etc.). You must be very specific in describing the ads - the talent (which is an indicator as to the demographic for the product), the mood, the copy, is there music?, the lighting etc. Therefore you can not do this from memory - you must find the ads and study them - do a "close reading" of the information carried within each ad. Do a bit of research on the history of the product, which will help you in understanding perhaps what the manufacturer is seeking in the advertising campaign. Just how do the ads in the different media represent a campaign (sometimes it is the color, the headline, the talent like Joe Isuzu, etc.) Is this an effective campaign? Do the ads in the different media offer information or mood or a need that the consumer will respond to? Why is this campaign compelling? A research component is helpful - remember to cite any sources used and use quotation marks for any direct quotations. The analysis should run about 5 - 7 pages, double spaced. Grammar and spelling count so use grammar and spelling check please.

Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm not a stupid convert...

I was thinking last night in between my snores... When I posted  or told the story, of how this woman didn't know me and wanted to set me up with some Persian guy. She barely knows him and knows me even less. The feedback I got was in the range of thinking I don't know... blah blah blah blah....

For example, one friend started telling me that I don't know how hard it is to set people up. Here's the clincher with that: I didn't ask this woman to set me up. That blogreader who offered to have me over under the premise of being nice when really he just wanted to fix my problems and pat himself on the back, he wanted to talk to me about this post. He figured I wasn't aware that this is what they do, they just throw people together. I'm fully aware of this.

What surprised me was that I was under the impression that foreign men were asking for American women and that these wannabe matchmakers were going out and trying to find for the men what they want without  regard for the fact that these women may not want these men and therefore, no honey, this ain't a shidduch. I'm quite tired of women in the community telling me to be grateful for any piece of $#!+ disgusting gross man that is interested in me. Interesting enough, when age appropriate American men try to talk to me, they shoo them away.

Somehow, a vast number of individuals in the Jewish community seem to figure that in some way or another they must pressure me to cave and  begin dating the nebach men I would not want. I feel this is why I'm not welcomed. They figure they will make it uncomfortable for me on Shabbos and they will get their way in ruining my life.

I've got news for you all. I've spent a vast amount of time by myself since I was old enough to not have a babysitter. You all are not going to break me. I'd rather be alone and happy than miserable but with someone. I'm not going to anyone for Shabbos anymore. I have no problem staying home and reading/sleeping for 25 hours. Please readers stop offering to have me over because I've just had it with invites that are only feigned to be friendly. I no longer want to give people a chance. You may well be kind and just looking to have someone over out of kindness. I've just had one too many bad experiences and I'd rather not have another. I just don't have the energy for this stuff.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I hate people!!!

Ok, so, the people that invited me over for Shabbos, the husband just figured he'd have me over for Shabbos and solve all my problems by telling me to move.... to Passaic.

Why is it that Jews love to tell people to move? Are THEY going to pay for it? Furthermore, moving won't do anything. At this point, I'm not so sure I wanna try to make Jewish friends. I don't know why Jews think it's best to yell and scream and tell me how to live my life.

For example, let's take the Jews who have screamed at me until I cried... This is one rabbi and two different kollelniks. Everyone sees my problem as I need to do this and that to get married. Who cares? The men are the ones that don't want to get married. I guess people feel like as long as the orphan has no body, then we want her married to not feel guilty that she sits alone on Shabbos. See, ... See MoreTHIS is why I don't wanna go to no body and I want to sit home alone, because people act like I'm a burden on them by being single and I'm supposed to solve this by... getting married. After all, it's MY FAULT that Im not married because I won't move. Didn't you all know that when you move a guy just magically comes out of nowhere?
Furthermore, I am a full time college student, when am I supposed to move? Should I drop out of college to do this?

I just wish people wouldn't pretend they were being nice when really they are not.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Color footage of Israel's early days

One of my blogreaders sent me this. Apparently, this footage was sitting around in this guy, Fred Monoson's attic. The grandkids found it. Notice that before Israel's independance, there were British policemen there, debunking the myth in the news that the nation BELONGED to Arabs. This is false. It was a British colony. Before that, it was part of the Ottoman Empire who had the entire middle east. Arabs were already given their portion by the creation of all those OTHER countries in the middle east.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Michal weighs in on Gaza and the Flotilla issue...

I just watched part of a pro-Palestinian video on YouTube. Over and over again, the people on the video were saying that it's all Israel's fault that nothing can go in and out of Gaza. I ask this: doesn't Gaza also border Arab Egypt? Why can't anything get through there? OH, YEAH that's right, they don't like these thugs, either...

People need to turn their brains on.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Someone's attempt to throw a "SHIT-UCK" at me....

So, I hadn't even met this girl or talked to her on the phone when she was suggesting someone for me. I had talked to her husband and he seemed like a cool guy. All the sudden one day, I get an Email from her that she wants to set me up... suspicious but, I figure I'll go with it for now... I tell her ok.

After I finally meet she and her husband, she calls to say she wants to give my number to the guy... ok. Incidentally, she's an American. The conversation with the guy went something like this....

Me: hello?
guy : I want to talk to Michal. Is this Michal?
Me: Ummmm.... who's calling?
guy: Chana** gave me your number
Me: oh, yeah... hi (already not interested)
guy: so, how long have you known Chana?
me: I just met her, you?
guy: only a couple monthes. I am working with her. We are walking and talking at work. So.... where are you from?
me: America, you?
guy: Persian. What languages do you speak?
me: English
guy: so, Chana tells me you're in school for Marketing. Do you really expect to get a job in it?
me: ummmm, yeah.
guy: cuz you know, Chana has a degree and she has a low end job?
me: Ok.... Well, I'm a VERY modern girl and I have NO plans of being barefoot and pregnant. Are you looking for that? Usually that's what Sephardic men want.
guy: No, not at all. Where are your parents? Are they here or back in the old country?
me: My parents are dead.
guy: I'm sorry. When they were alive, were they here or in the old country?
me: I'm an American
guy: yes, but where were you born?
guy: oh, where were your parents born? Here or in the old country?
me: A-mer-i-ca.... we came over on the Mayflower. I'm related to Betsy Ross. Are you.... looking for an immigrant?
guy: I'm looking for a traditional girl.
me: uh-huh.
guy: It was nice talking to you.
me: yeah....

Can you say, "throw it against the wall and see if it sticks?" Sorry, but, that's only going to work with cooked pasta, stop trying to do it with people's lives.

** not her real name