Sunday, July 4, 2010

Someone's attempt to throw a "SHIT-UCK" at me....

So, I hadn't even met this girl or talked to her on the phone when she was suggesting someone for me. I had talked to her husband and he seemed like a cool guy. All the sudden one day, I get an Email from her that she wants to set me up... suspicious but, I figure I'll go with it for now... I tell her ok.

After I finally meet she and her husband, she calls to say she wants to give my number to the guy... ok. Incidentally, she's an American. The conversation with the guy went something like this....

Me: hello?
guy : I want to talk to Michal. Is this Michal?
Me: Ummmm.... who's calling?
guy: Chana** gave me your number
Me: oh, yeah... hi (already not interested)
guy: so, how long have you known Chana?
me: I just met her, you?
guy: only a couple monthes. I am working with her. We are walking and talking at work. So.... where are you from?
me: America, you?
guy: Persian. What languages do you speak?
me: English
guy: so, Chana tells me you're in school for Marketing. Do you really expect to get a job in it?
me: ummmm, yeah.
guy: cuz you know, Chana has a degree and she has a low end job?
me: Ok.... Well, I'm a VERY modern girl and I have NO plans of being barefoot and pregnant. Are you looking for that? Usually that's what Sephardic men want.
guy: No, not at all. Where are your parents? Are they here or back in the old country?
me: My parents are dead.
guy: I'm sorry. When they were alive, were they here or in the old country?
me: I'm an American
guy: yes, but where were you born?
guy: oh, where were your parents born? Here or in the old country?
me: A-mer-i-ca.... we came over on the Mayflower. I'm related to Betsy Ross. Are you.... looking for an immigrant?
guy: I'm looking for a traditional girl.
me: uh-huh.
guy: It was nice talking to you.
me: yeah....

Can you say, "throw it against the wall and see if it sticks?" Sorry, but, that's only going to work with cooked pasta, stop trying to do it with people's lives.

** not her real name


  1. Just Sayin'...July 5, 2010 at 3:26 PM

    You ain't going to get very far with anyone if all of your answers contain maximum 4 words or is a cynical repartee...

  2. Stick a fork in that shidduch; like a piece of charred jujeh kabob from last Thursday, it's done... :-/

    (Great dialogue BTW!...)

    "guy: so, Chana tells me you're in school for Marketing. Do you really expect to get a job in it?
    me: No, not really, but I have to find something engaging to fill the days...."

  3. Wingate, awesome weigh in as usual.

    Just sayin': you missed the point. The point is that the girl doesn't know either of us and he is the opposite of what I want and I'm not what he wants. He wants a girl with ties to some old country. Yet I go all the way back to the Mayflower....