Monday, July 19, 2010

President Barak HUSSEIN Obama vs. the people of the United States

I'm sure you're all aware of what's going on, but, I don't think any other major Jewish blogger has yet spoken about the situation with Arizona. What's going on is that our border has collapsed and the gang banger illegals have taken over our Nation on the border of Mexico and the state is trying to step it up and implement a policy that their cops should start asking for ID. If you don't have US ID, you go to Jail. If you are an American or a legal resident, why wouldn't you have ID?

From section two of the video (around 2:50), "... we are starting to identify that the president HATES America, the president hates the American dream, that the president of the United States is WAGING WAR on the American dream, entrepreneuralism, and excellence. He literally is implementing policies that are a clear and present danger and are acts of treason and I believe that come November...."

Oh G-d, I hope so!

People need to wake up that this man is our president and he is responsible for us, yet he is attacking us. They posted some articles on Yahoo! last week and I was looking at the comments. It seems that the majority of the US citizens agree with me.

--Michal, descendant of BETSY ROSS


  1. The Curmudgeonly Israeli Giyoret says:

    Obama does not come from anything like the normative American experience. All his life, like Blanche DuBois, he has been dependent on the kindness of strangers. He has been the token African-American without ever having shared the weight or the history of the African-American experience. He dissed his "white grandma", the woman who raised him.

    His policies betray, as you say, the deep-seated alienation from America and American values that is characteristic of many of our so-called "elites".

    I count myself as very pro-LEGAL-immigrant. Those who don't play by the rules drag down those who do, and the society that would embrace them.

    Michal, as a descendent of Betsy Ross, your American yichus trumps mine. My grandfather spent a stint as an actual cowboy during his youth, and would catch us with a lasso in the backyard for fun. But the only famous relatives I have were the Dalton Gang; bank robbers, and unsuccessful ones at that.

    Everybody else was too busy Working Hard and Playing fair, obsessions that continue to plague their descendants in more than two countries. My non-Jewish relatives are almost all rabidly pro-Israel.

    By the way, I just had a first grandson. "She used to be a very hard woman, but since she had a grandbaby, she's become Safta."

  2. Red, white and blue, baby! Good for you to bring the issue up. I first heard of Alex Jones from this show, excellent show.

  3. why is his middle name in caps?