Sunday, July 25, 2010

iWrite an advertising paper

Remember this post where I asked you all to help me pick out a company for my paper? Well, it's been picked out. I'm writing about the Apple Ipod's iconic silhouette ad campaign. I'll take any imput or memories from my readers. I've been hard core hitting the web and I have been finding stuff, I really have.

 However what's missing are personal accounts and memories. Also, I found the magazines where they ran this campaign, but, I didn't find the TV stations. Was MTV one of them? I think it was. I found pictures of the ads taking over stations of the BART (subway? commuter train?) in San Francisco. There seems to have been heavy advertising for this campaign in San Francisco.

The rest of us were not left out, though. I remember I would be doing crunchies on the ball in the commercial breaks and this commercial would come on and I would jump up and dance around the room. Sigh.... nowadays I don't do so much dancing around the room. Mostly, I study....


  1. Hmmmmm.... interesting choice! I loved the Apple silhouette campaign, and IMO their choice of U2's "Vertigo" as the theme song for some of the ads worked brilliantly. (Jet's "Are You Gonna be my Girl?" was also good.)

    You could write entire essays about the symbology of having dancing human silhouettes as the avatars for the iPod..... in a way they're de-individuated by being reduced to faceless and almost featureless moving shadows. However, reduced to unidentifiable shadows, their individuality comes out in their particular pattern of dance and their individual responses to the music.....which is playing on their iPods!

    Their individuality is also suggested as being expressed by their particular background color (which seems to be clearly referencing the discrete color case options for the iPod).

    But before diverting into heavy-duty semiotics, I'll say that the campaign was IMO ingeniously innovative and its genius was in its simplicity.

    It also communicated the idea of all people standing equal before music and finding interconnections through it, and the sense that music can help one safely "try on" or even find a new identity.

  2. The identity being skewed because they are silhouettes is exactly what photographer Matthew Welch was going for but This is great, exactly what I can use. I want a well diversified 7 to 8 page paper so, individuals picking up on the concept is exactly a quote I need. Thanks, Wingate! I knew I could count on you.