Saturday, December 26, 2009

It all comes back to men thinking they can have whatever they want....

Really, all of these requests that men make come back to men thinking they can have whatever they want. Well, chappies, it doesn't work that way. Women have the right of refusal. I know this point just evades some men. While there are some women who are somewhat desperate or they lack good judgement. I have a friend who told me she's not strong like me and she has to find a man. This is probably best. I think men prefer women like her anyhow.

I've pretty much accepted that I will be single for the rest of my life. I'm sad that it means I likely won't have kids but, my dating life is really almost non-existent and so, I just don't see myself finding that special guy. Also, as is the point of the post, the men have a laundry list of things they are looking for, often unreasonable items grace these lists. The 50 year old man wants a girl in her twenties. Sorry, boys, that is just not going to happen.


  1. Actually, my husband is 59 and I'm 28. We've been married four years and have two kids.
    It may be rare, but it DOES happen.

  2. That's the problem, they hear of a RAAAAAAAAAAAARE case like this and they say, "well, he did it, so I want."

    The point is that men view marriage as an accomplishment they can make by finding a wife they can brag about to their friends. This is not the stuff good marriages are made of.

    You gave in and married a really old man, for whatever reason, I don't know. I guess you felt you needed a father figure. Perhaps he had money. Most women find this repulsive.

  3. I don't date a lot, either, but I haven't given up. Remember, you don't need lots of dates, you just need to end up dating the one right guy.

    I know girls/women who'd given up bec. they just didn't see how anything could ever change...and in the blink of an eye, things did change...they didn't end up marrying somebody out of desperation either, they are very happily in love with their husbands (who are absolutely crazy in love with them), and yes, their husbands are within their age range.