Friday, August 15, 2014

Immigrant Men and Street Harassment

When people talk about street harassment, they talk about construction workers whistling. I don't know if I've ever endured that scenario, but what I deal with constantly, are immigrant men bothering me. Most specifically, these are men from the sorts of countries where they think women need to be punished for leaving the kitchen.

I'm here to say that if these men are not citizens of this country, they shouldn't be making life so much less pleasant for those who are. It is not our culture that I should have to marry a man I don't want and never leave the house. It is our culture that women should be free. We are turning into a third world nation and it's high time we all get angry about that. You may now have the luxury of not dealing with this because you may not live in NYC, but they are coming more and more. Soon women will not be able to leave the house without experiencing the kind of harassment that women endure in the Middle East. You think it won't come here? The Muslims are already protesting in Michigan that they want to turn the US Middle Eastern. The Mexican will support their hatred for women and women will no longer be safe. Is this what we want for our sisters, wives, daughters, granddaughters and neighbors?

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