Sunday, February 1, 2009

To Be or Not To Be Shalach? That Is The Question

This parshah (Be Shalach) is about the trip out of Egypt. There is of course, the splitting of the sea. Then there is the rejoicing after. I know one speaker I heard speak last year, highlighted that Miriam brought a drum. She had a drum and lead the women to rejoice with that drum. Obviously, she had enough faith that this trip would turn out well. So, she made sure to pack a drum.

So as we go through the trip, the Israelites need water, Hashem uses Moshe to make the bitter water not bitter. Then when the Israelites are hungry. They wanted meat. Hashem gave them Quail for a night and then from then on they got manna. We see Shabbos is already in place at this point. They are to gather manna for Shabbos on Friday. The people were thirsty, again. This time the water came from a rock.

It seems as though people consider the Amalek the highlight of this parshah. As I’ve heard this part of this parshah highlighted with disproportion in previous years. To me, it seems like an after thought at the end of the parshah. After all, the exodus and splitting of the Sea of Reeds is the pinnacle of the parshah. However, this year, it seems particularly appropriate. As the Jewish people are currently in awe that Hashem has watched over our soldiers in the modern day attack of the Amaleks sneaking up through Gaza.

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