Monday, February 9, 2009

Gyoress agrees that conversion rabbis are being too maikil...

I have to say something about this. I am speaking of these conversion scandals where all these conversions are being overturned. Yesterday, a friend of mind who is in the process called me. During the conversation she tells me she met over Shabbos, one of those overturned conversions.

This overturned conversion was a woman who had supposedly been Jewish for a number of years. I say this because, if she didn't learn during her conversion, she had a number of years after to continue learning. My friend, who herself is supposed to be learning saw blatantly that after all these years, the woman still doesn't know. According to my friend (who, let me reiterate started her conversion so recently, she's not up on this scandal) the overturned conversion even stated that they wanted to get the number of invalid conversions up to add more non-observant Jews to the country to counter balance the Chareidim.

As a gyoress, I want so badly to defend anther gyoress. However, when I hear stuff like this, how can I?

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