Sunday, March 7, 2010

Interesting angles on the Shacharis Psalms...

Psalm 145: Psalm of David: We will praise Him throughout the generations, for He is our powerful and merciful One. We are obligated to tell of his mighty deeds. He will satisfy the desire of every living thing. He is close to those who sincerely wish for it. If we are on His side, He is on ours. Our mouths bestow blessings upon our G-d.

Psalm 146: Don’t look at Hashem’s people, look at Hashem, Himself. Only He has the power to overturn the laws of nature. He will look after me as both an orphan and convert.

Psalm 147: No human can count the stars and yet He counts AND names them. There are lot food analogies in this Psalm. I think David was hungry that day.

Psalm 148: This Psalm is more abstract than specific and covers the large bodies of nature, instead of more specific examples of Hashem’s praiseworthiness.

Psalm 149: The Psalm evokes the image of an Israeli celebration after they got their independence in 1948. The imagery is centered on music/dancing and patriotism.

Psalm 150: Imagery of Hashem’s omnipotence and grandiose nature. You could call this the “Larger than Life” Psalm. This transitions with blast of a shofar to musical imagery.

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