Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rabba or not?

I stopped to get a water at the newsstand at Atlantic Ave (for those not in NYC, it's a major Subway hub) and I saw the title on the Jewish press, which I bought. So, apparently Avi Weiss is not going to push the whole rabba thing. Interestingly, he claimed he didn't think there would be so much reaction to the rabba title. I somehow don't believe that.


  1. Yeah, I don't believe that. It means that Weiss is either stupid or lying. I don't think that he's stupid so...

  2. Why else would you ordain a woman as an Orthodox (insert title) if not to get a rise out of people?

  3. I don't know, maybe he thinks we are humans, too, rather than mere objects of beauty for men to look at, as the rest of Orthodoxy subscribes.

    However, considering it's been discussed for this long and it's been said that he will be pushed out if he goes over the line, I think he knew what would happen. I would say to the first commenter, he was lying.

  4. I think he knew that it would cause some teeth-gnashing, but I don't think he knew how fever-pitched it would get. Especially since he hadn't done anything wrong!

    AQ2000, he probably ordained her for all the positive reasons discussed on Jewish blogs the past few weeks. I don't think it was a publicity stunt. I think it was something that should have been done years ago.