Thursday, August 29, 2013

Making It All About You, When It Isn't

The last couple weeks, I've been doing a lot of cleaning and exercising so this means that I've had the radio on quite a bit. As I was flipping through, I listened to a little discussion that got me thinking and actually had a lot to do with my putting the blog back up.

Apparently, one of the new luxury buildings in New York City has set aside some units for lower income families. I was thinking of myself and even another friend of mine and thinking that we could apply to this program. There's a catch, there's a separate entrance for the lower income people where they have to go through an alley behind the building. Apparently, the main entrance is decked out and they don't want the poor people mixing in the entry way. The DJs discussed how they didn't like that and it offended them. I'm thinking well, it kinda sucks, but they didn't have to let lower income people into the building.. then one of the DJs screaming in outrage says, "THAT'S RACIST!!!!" and the others joined him. I realized that I was on the black station.

My face contorted in annoyed look that no one was going to see because I was home alone. Racist? I'm white and I was thinking how I would be in this program for the poor people. I was thinking the other door thing would prevent me from inviting people over and pretending that I somehow actually had that kind of money. I changed the channel as I continued to analyze this. It assumes that no blacks have money and no whites are ever poor. Oprah Winfrey would disagree. I would disagree. Plain and simple, don't make it about race, when it isn't.

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