Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Miley Cyrus... yeah I'm going there... and she went there

Former child star Miley Cyrus shocked the world this week through her performance at the VMAs. I'm thinking most of you have seen the videos. Sure, it was gross and classless, but personally, my reaction was also a bit-YAWN. I mean former female child star acting slutty so she can shed her kid skin from the public and move on to an adult career, yeah you're right we've NEVER seen someone do that before (cough Xtina, Britney cough and probably a ton more women cough cough) and a celeb trying to get attention through the performance in a major (ish) event... cough cough Janet Jackson and wardrobe cough Madonna kissing Britney.... A woman dancing raunchy in bikini? cough beach bars cough strip clubs.... as for comparing her TO a stripper... um it's been at least a decade that the only difference between female pop stars and strippers is the bank account size...

On this one the bullshit meter only goes off at the fact that people actually feel the need to chime in and say this. My reaction was to roll my eyes... another celeb up to celeb antic... whatevs... but since it's a hot topic all over the internet, I thought I'd throw my take up on the new blog.

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