Saturday, November 15, 2014

Women Should Stop Dating

I was just looking at the forum for "MGTOW" or Men Going Their Own Way. Wow! These are a bunch of mediocre men pissed off that they can't get the hottest woman around. Mind you, they are also pissed that they feel women aren't working the occupations they feel are "real" jobs, so even if they could attract the creme de la creme women, they'd be pissed off at her for being a teacher or nurse or some other female-dominated job. Also, such women are prone to sitting their butt being paid by men just for being pretty and you know, batting those false eyelashes they so carefully put on.

The men on this group advocate that if they can't get laid on the first date, they should drop a woman. They advise men playing hard to get and they seem to think that women will then run after them... I sure don't. Honestly, I don't think these men work, but I think they get on these forums and they really get into this mentality.... They are cranky to the Nth degree. They are the new sexist. They want us to pay for at least ourselves on the first date then go home with them to their bedroom. I'm going to guess these men may get first dates... maybe a lot of them... but they don't get second dates. The only women I have been friends with that would sleep with men early on, were women that trust me, no man should want them.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure many of the guys I've gone on first dates with were from a camp like this. This is exactly why I don't even want to try anymore. I'm already at an age where I shouldn't try to have kids anyway, because the risks for Down Syndrome are much higher. Congratulations to the white men of America for refusing to marry suitable white women and causing the white race to become extinct.

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