Wednesday, March 4, 2009

25 Random Things About Me...

This was going around Facebook, here is mine.

1) I used to love spinach as a child... I wanted to be all strong like Popeye... I was NOT the typical girl.
2) I went through a basketball phase in high school. I watched it, collected cards and shot hoops in the yard.
3) I’m supposed to be related to Betsy Ross on my father’s side.
4) Last year for Pesach, I ate steak, carrots and mashed potatos for every single meal of the intermediate days. I plan to make this my personal minhag (custom-for the non-Jews reading this)
5) My father forgot and left me at my sister’s wedding.
6) I love dance. I have taken: tap, jazz, ballet, Irish folk dancing and Hip Hop. I dance around my apartment and I watch dance videos on you tube.
7) I have named all four cars I’ve ever owned, 1) Baby (a baby blue, actually was still mom’s car and sister named it. 2)Midnight Manual, “Manny” (a dark midnight blue) 3) Cranberry Craig 4) Peppermint Patrick, named after my mom, sort of.
8) Peppermint Patrick was stolen and burnt up in a field. That was a very sad day of my life.
9) I don’t drink coffee. I drink tea with lots of sugar.
10) I was in the US Army for nine months, sixteen days. I got out because of a shoulder injury.
11) I used to go to the gym and run on the treadmill. I stopped when I became more modest. I really miss it, though. I wish the women’s gyms weren’t so expensive.
12) I once was on a treadmill and I tripped on my shoelaces and fell flat on my face. Ow! I was sore for like a week.
13) I am really good at languages. In college, at one point I was a double major French and Spanish.
14) In the summer of 1995, I did a mini internship in Philadelphia for a week with a translator.
15) I lived in San Antonio for a year.
16) When driving the rental truck and towing Peppermint Patrick (see #7) back, I don’t know how, but I was able to, but I double parked it at a rest stop. I suppose that would endorse that “necessity is the mother of invention” phrase.
17) My mom died the day before my eighteenth birthday and I will always miss her.
18) In the summer of 1996, I went to Mexico on a missions trip.
19) My great-grandfather on my mother’s side was a concert organist.
20) When I was in 10th grade, I won first place for reading poetry in Spanish at the Buffalo Regional Foreign Language Fair.
21) I still have a ceramic bowl from kindergarten or first grade. I have safety pins in it.
22) I was born right around noon on a Friday.
23) I have always loved Cheez-its and still do. I was SO relieved they are kosher.
24) When I came back from the Army, I gave people time on the 24 hour clock and continued to say utilize the latrine for a while knowing full well they would comment.
25) I converted to Orthodox Judaism and I feel like I’ve come home.

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