Wednesday, March 4, 2009

beef on American shallowness

This started as a post I was putting in the Yeshivah World News coffee room about Purim costumes and if they are tznius or not, it morphed into more and I decided to put it here.

The goyim use their holiday in October for the women to dress inappropiately and just say it was a costume. I don't see the big deal if it's low key. Last year I was a ketchup bottle. I'm sure the people who object to costumes, would flip out because I was wearing red. However that's really the only issue. I only wore it at the shul and really I took the hat off because it kept falling off. The "hat" was an upside down funnel, painted red and had a "Heintz 57" label on it. It was pointy so it was really Purim-ish.

As for one other thing about tznius, I'm sick of hearing about how it's hard for men to handle looking at women. They need to get self-control.

That's a major issue in America today. NO ONE seems to value self-control or hard work. It's all instant, plastic, McNOW and "What do you do? Do you have a good enough job?" Everybody is so shallow. I wish I could say observant Jews were above this. Unfortunately, I don't think that's accurate...

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