Saturday, March 14, 2009

Let the Arabs into Israel but keep out the Jews?

I'm scratching my head on this one. One of my rabbis said today in shul that they are voting to allow non-Israeli Arabs to marry into Israel. Since their countries suck compared to Israel they are all going to do it. Meanwhile, it's next to impossible for Jews to make aliyah, even though the rabbis in America tell us to. Chas v'Shalom is what they say in Israel. They think we're all coming for the "great" welfare benefits, despite the good benefits we can get in the United States.

On Thursday night, not having heard this "fantastic" news about the Arabs permission to marry their third cousin and move to Israel, I was speaking with a friend about this. When I told her that it's very difficult for converts to make aliyah because they think we convert for Israel's benefits (so silly, I never heard of Israel before I was converting). Anyhow, this friend said, "everyone comes to NY for THEIR benefits."

Something here is wrong. I don't like to say this often, as I fear sounding like a Chabadnick, but, I think it's time for moshiach to come and take care of all this nonsense.


  1. **walks into immigration and absorption or whatever**
    (immigrant) I want to make alliyah. I am willing to pay 70% of my salary to the state of Israel through income tax, vat tax, corporate tax, social security tax and medical tax. I have a job that I will bring with me and I hope to hire a few Israeli citizens as employees.
    But did you convert?
    (immigrant) What does that matter?
    If you did we need to make sure that you didn’t convert to receive Israeli welfare
    **smacks head**

    Double M

  2. Hmm, yeah, I can get Israel to see I am Jewish, but half the Jews I meet want to know why I don't "look Jewish"... feh.