Sunday, August 1, 2010

Anyone wanna write a guest post?

I just thought I'd mention that I take guest posts....

YGB, if you want to write a guest post, you may write one and submit it to my Email address. However, I'm not approving comments that look like spam.


  1. your blog is interesting enough without any additions.

  2. I have strong opinions, although I am not a ger, and cannot write about the experiences of being one. I get enough flak being a BT and wanting to homeschool my kids.

  3. Thank you, No One.

    Aztec, this is an eclectic blog with many readers who are converts but, also, BTs and some non-Jewish friends. I actually need to do more with promotions. If anyone wants to pick out a post you like and put it on your facebook that would be great. Make a status then put the link in the comments. If you put the link in the status, it doesn't go to poeople's streams.

  4. ???

    Why should the JO be brought back to life? Its demise was one of the better pieces of news from charedishe society in the past several years.

  5. oh, I did NOT approve that comment. I don't know how he got it up. Ok, NO ONE should support JO. Now, I have an opinion when they pull dirty tactics.

    YGB, did you HACK my account? BUZZZZ OFFF! this is SPAM, not a guest post.