Monday, August 16, 2010

Does Every Pot Have a Lid?

I was just reading this Aish article that Emes V-Emunah blogged about. Acutally, in the comments someone has stated that, "every pot has its lid." So where's mine? Actually, my mother used to tell me that. I used to point out that she, herself was divorced so where was her lid. My mother's male friend who would call on the rarest occasions eliciting an, "ooOOooOOoo, SuuUuUulllllllly's on the phone," from my obnoxious childhood self along with my obnoxious sister. Sully was actually mom's boyfriend. She told me when I was a teen.

Anyhow, my sister was skinny and into things like hair, make up and nails. She always had guys around. So, I used to tell my mother I didn't think there was a lid out there to cover my pot. I would tease my mother that I was an oddly shaped pot and there were no lids. G-d, I wish I had been wrong but, here I am, 34 and I'll be 35 soon enough.

Does anyone know the lid to my pot? If so, send him my way.

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