Monday, November 8, 2010

He's only Chinese....

A friend/blogreader was thinking about making a guest post about this, but, I thought I'd go ahead and write the post. Apparently, a frum girl from Brooklyn was driving and texting, so she ran over a non-Jew. Well, she went to jail. I mean this poor girl. She had her whole life ahead of her. Never mind the Chinese guy... who cares about him? He's not EVEN Jews. After all, non-Jews don't matter, right?


  1. chaim1 says
    youre right DEAD one dont matter. No different to dead animals!
    Only Jews have life after death.

  2. Tha't not Torah, though and you better watch out because this attitude is going to bring on anti-semitism.

    They'll go for the black hats first.

  3. I haven't heard anything about this case in Brooklyn.... are there any articles online with details?

    (On another subject.... FWIW I don't get why you approve the comments of so poor a provocateur as "chaim1". The guy's an irate loser.... IMO let him go.)

  4. Texting while driving is both "attempted murder in the first degree" and "depraved indifference to human life". If someone is actually killed, it should be treated as Murder 1, because the act shows a premeditated desire to kill someone.

    It's been two decades since the Crown Heights Riots, and that was over an honest accident, not the wanton disregard over human life that her actions were.

  5. I think we should remember that after we left Mitzrayim, Hashem did not allow His malachim to rejoice over the dead Egyptians. After all, they were part of His creation too.

  6. Not only that, we are supposed to be a "light unto the nations." Can we really do that with our noses so far in the air?

  7. People without compassion for others aren't Jewish. Don't let their clothes and rituals fool you.

    [s(b.) from frum satire comments]

  8. Unfortunately, the girl got off with a fine. In NY, texting while driving is only a punishable offense if you get caught doing something else (like speeding, or hitting someone.) Also, vehicular homicides are more often treated like minor traffic accidents than felonies. Odds are, the girl will never see the inside of a prison.