Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chicken soup

I had a great mother, but, I have to say, she had this mentality that everything was sooooo hard and places were sooooo far. What in the world brought this up? Well, recently I've gotten into making chicken soup from scratch. My mother made chicken soup two or three times in my life. She used to say it was sooooo hard to make chicken soup from scratch and I just can't figure out what she's talking about. I mean I put a bag of baby carrots, chop some celery and onions and some other stuff and boil it all into a pot. I put a piece of chicken into the oven while that's brewing and in an hour or two I have yummy soup that I can freeze or refrigerate and heat up just as easily as a can of soup. I can also do chicken-less chicken soup either with a powder or pan drippings which I ALWAYS save when I make chicken. They also come in handy if I wanted to make gravy. I've done that when I have chicken nuggets in the freezer so I can dunk them in gravy.....

Oh, man, I'm hungry....

Let's see if anyone other than Wingate and/or Aztec Queen comment on this post...


  1. chaim1 says
    Thats right.
    A woman's job is in the kitchen discussing chicken soup and the like. Not bothering about other issues. Leave that to the men!

  2. I'm curious, is this the pig or someone being funny. That's how they think. It's cuz they have smallll ummm spoons and they need to compensate. It's like the jocks with small ummmm hockey sticks.

  3. I'm a different anonymous than the earlier one. I make soup all the time in the crockpot. My mom did too. Whatever random vegetables I have on hand or find on sale and any leftovers like rice, pasta, whatever else fits. Very economical that way. It's great in the winter to warm up with, but also good year round. Usually I keep it parve though, but make it very spicy so it's tasty.

  4. Well, I held my tongue for 24 hours but now it's time to jump in. :-p

    I'm with you on this -- chicken soup is one of the easiest things in the world to make. You basically buy the ingredients, slice and dice as desired, boil up a pot of water and toss everything in. Wait 3 hours and ta-da: You've Got Soup.

    There are some variations you can try but none of them seem all that hard.

    I used to make challah, and that's alot more time consuming and challenging than chicken soup could ever be.

  5. Powder? Ugh! With all the MSG, you're better off with the pan drippings.