Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CUNY's Finest... thank you, NYC public schools

I have blogged before about some of the crazy comments on ratemyprofessor that students at my school make about the professors. It's always the same schtick. They pick on the teacher, but they can't spell and their grammar sucks. I had, at one point, looked through professors who are not business professors in an attempt to find more stupid comments. I actually concluded that non-business majors were smarter, as I couldn't find any doozies like those from business professors.

It seems I was wrong. Yeah, I know, happens once in a blue moon. :-)

Here I am taking English 2 that everyone takes. The professor has us read aloud sometimes. Some of these other students can't read anything with more than two syllables. "Perversity"- too hard, "constitute"-too hard, "voyeur"-too hard and the professor actually defined it in class at one point. Oy, veh!


  1. It's not just NYC, sweet pea. Do you know how many remedial students I tutored in San Diego who'd taken AP English? It's scary!

  2. I'm a former college professor (IT and general business) and unfortunately many of the students that post such comments have axes to grind. I started teaching in the 90s and the last few years, it completely changed, so I got out. I've recognized a few students didn't submit work for weeks at a time without reason and wanted to have a quck and easy make-up. Or I caught them with pre-written papers they bought from some database online. These students will then complain loudly to the administration that they were "unfairly" graded and the teacher "embarrassed and harrassed them" or that they "misunderstood" the assignment and should be able to re-do. Of course that's only penalizing the teacher and the rest of the class that did the assignment properly! This disputes with lengthy academic due process and rounds of appeals take up huge amounts of time. Students will go up from the lead instructor, section leader, department chair, division chair, dean, provost, president slandering the professor. Attempting to appease one student like this can be more work than the other 25 combined!

    Administration will weakly side with the professor, but tell students "it's up to the professor." The worse thing is that a troublemaker like this might affect the professor's employment if they aren't tenured. About 70% of courses are taught by adjuncts, who are part time on a term-to-term contract basis. One or two loud complainers, even if they are "D" students on academic probation can be enough for a professor's contact to be not renewed, even if they have been with the school for years and have OK evaluations from the rest of the class.

  3. UPDATE: it turned out that these girls were Business majors. If you look at my comments from Gen. Y and their nasty traits, they are those texters from the wall.