Monday, October 4, 2010

I need school advice

So, I have to pick out like topics for some of my classes and I am open to any advice. You can comment or Email me.

English two: the theme the professor picked is, "Perceptions on a call to arms." I have to do a 12 page paper on this, well a further subtopic, of the research variety. I theorize and argue something in the paper. Any ideas?

Fashion Marketing: I have to pick a fashion company and research them. I'm asking myself why the hell I didn't take Ethnic marketing instead, but I know why. This profess had good reviews and the class is a hybrid instead of long once a week meetings like Ethnic.


  1. Call to arms? Former member of U.S. Army? I see an obvious tie-in.

    Fashion company- you could look at a company like Levi's and discuss how the schmatte business has gone from a yiddishe business for survival to a gourmet garment.

  2. "Perceptions on a call to arms."

    Interesting theme.... are we talking about a military call to arms, a call to activism, a call to.... something else? Maybe you could look at the efficacy (or inefficacy) of the British efforts in WW1 and WW2 to call the American population to support US military intervention in Europe. Just one idea among many.

    As for fashion companies.... LVMH/Louis Vuitton has an interesting and very old history. The Dr. Martens story is probably pretty interesting too.

  3. He's really open on what we can do with the theme. I mentioned taking a war and discussing it. He said that there's so much more you can do with the theme.

    I don't want to do a company that everyone else is likely to come up with. We have this list of ten companies for something else we have to do and she said if we can't think of anything, to pick one of those. Louis Vuitton is on there. I figured I'd see if my blogreaders could help generate more ideas.