Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some things guys do wrong when dating....

1. Not planning the date-
So, we saw it in one of the examples in the last post. I had a guy who figured he could find a certain restaurant during chol chamoed pesach but didn't know where it was and eventually I think I pushed him to call information or someone on his cell, we got the number and they weren't open for chol chamoed after all.

Recently, I had a guy who said he wanted to take me for drinks at the Marquis in Manhattan. I told him no, that I wanted something casual dress until winter is over so, he said maybe we'll do a movie instead. He shows up and say Marquis, I said no, he says movies. He didn't know what was up and what it's about or anything. He just wanted to drive to the theater and see whatever I wanted to see. Except, I don't know what anything is about because he didn't tell me to plan the date for him. Plus, nothing was playing for at least another hour because we got there like 20 minutes after everything started. Another thing to mention is that I googled the Marquis during the week. It's only a restaurant (non-kosher), reservations are required and you ARE NOT allowed in if you don't have one. People complained about it in the reviews. Some had actually been guests of the hotel, too.

2. Not listening to the woman
In the above example, he didn't listen to the fact that I said casual dress which pissed him off. He wanted me in heels and crap on my face. I put the crap and it wasn't enough.

3. Assuming you know things about the other person-their schedule, their IQ etc.
I don't appreciate a guy assuming I have alll kinds of time. I don't like having words explained to me when I didn't ask like I must be stupid because I don't have my bachelor's yet (three more freakin months). I think long time readers remember the guy who quizzed me on halacha and said I didn't know anything because I didn't recognize his mumbling of bishul akum.

4. Talking about exs
Need I say more? It's happened to me a number of times where the guy is just ranting about previous dates and such.

5. Monopolizing the conversation
I can only think of the guy I mentioned in the last post but it was really annoying, especially for three hours on the phone and I don't really have a face to connect with it (ok, a pic). I was sooooo bored.

6. Lying about your age
It comes out, don't do it.

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