Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's very important... It's very good..

One thing that I've noticed in the Orthodox Jewish community is that something can be spread like wild fire and how they do it is that prominant figures (rabbis and people with money) just go and say something is "very important" and people duh duh duh like zombies go for whatever they have told them.

For example, they tell the women, it's very important that we wear a skirt... so we have women wearing short skirts. Some how no one cares about the length. Ok they do but what is most important is the wearing of a skirt. The truth is that men like women in skirts. I think it makes men feel like women are in their place. It's stereotypically feminine and men like that. It makes them feel powerful.

Another example was See You On Shabbos/ when it came out. I will admit that it's a great idea. When it came out, a bunch of people Emailed me and told me about it, with, of course the old phrase, "it's very important." Yep, very important, that's it. It may well be a great idea but it's poorly executed. No one has ever accepted my invite from there. However, one woman helped with with a school project once, so that was nice. The system doesn't allow hosts to click something for overnights and for guests to search that way. There's no way to know where people live. Let's say, I wanted to search for an overnight in a certain part of Brooklyn. I can't. I can search Brooklyn and then start asking people where they live and if they can do overnights. The fact of the matter is that people don't want to host someone, especially for an overnight, that they don't know. So, in that respect, the website was a really bad idea. Nevertheless, no one would dare criticize something billed as "very important."


  1. why don't they tell the specific location? the hosts don't want to say where they live or the website doesn't allow it? or is it for security reasons maybe?

  2. Well, in Brooklyn, they could put Flatbush, Boro Park or whatever somewhere. It would be helpful if hosts put things like "Ave J area" or "Kings Highway area" in.

    Also, people put that they can host for overnights and it doesn't tell you if they have a guest room, bed in the kids room, couch or they expect you to sleep in a chair.

  3. Very Important comment...
    You wrote no one cares about the length of skirts, In the Brooklyn that I live in they are constantly busy about how tight or loose the skirts should be, especially in the brooklyn areas you mentioned in regards to shabbos meals, bp Flatbush etc. Its nauseating to read all these different posters and magazine ads by individuals or in the names of rebetzins about what type, color, design, height and fit skirts women should or should not wear. They try to control every little step you want to take, you litterly cant do a thing without having to worry is it right or wrong, heck even cutting your nails is whole sheilo when and how to cut it and if you can or cant cut your hand and toe nails on the same day etc.

  4. Well what I meant is that they make a much bigger deal about wearing a skirt than discussing the length of said skirt. This is why so many women wear above the knee. Although, one hand width above the knee is actually ok, but they keep that a secret from the people.

  5. lol, how did you find out about that secret?

  6. people by nature do copy cat people they respect. There is something in our animal nature that makes us that way. Besides that we have a spiritual element that needs to reverence something or someone. So i don't see it as problem if people would find a real talmid chacham that to respect and follow. the problem is often people take or choose a talmid chaman or pseudo talmid chamam who really is not deserving of respect as a model.
    This it could be said is the entire and complete source of corruption and evil in the frum world. For some Reason god has compassion on me and granted to me to be close to areal talmid chama for years (R. Shmuel Berenbaum) and since then most rabbis that i have hears talk on Torah it seems to me i am hearing static electricity. Today most so called talmidei chaman just don't understand Torah or Gemara very well. Sometimes they know a lot superficially but what they know is so Krum it is frightening. (They mix everything up and cant say over a straight daf gemara logically and in depth.) However I suppose there are still in the great litvak yeshivot real talmidei chachamaim.