Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another chunk of my conversion story....

So, I started with:

And then I eventually continued and left off with:

So, now we're up to the last leg of my conversion that I never wrote about. When I left off, I had just started going to shul before work and I was looking for a new conversion rabbi so that I could change shuls from the shul were the women tried to force me to date men I wasn't interested in and they wouldn't take "no" for an answer.

So, I found a new program in Manhattan and started attending their classes. Then I changed shuls in my own neighborhood. I really liked the services at that second shul a lot. The rabbi from the shul by where I was working started having me for Shabbos sometimes.

Eventually, when I still wasn't converted, one of the women from that area who knew a rabbi who does conversions, arranged for me to work with him, instead of the program in Manhattan. I was getting the run around from them so, I changed again.

The timeframe in the above writings is from January of 2008 to just after Pesach. You with me? Great! I got laid off from my job RIGHT after Pesach. So, then I had a long summer of waiting and agonizing. There were people in my neighborhood telling me I shouldn't be converted. One woman said that only the best should be converted and who did I think I was, thinking I deserved to be converted. I was told I don't make enough money to be converted. The list of nasty comments goes on. Luckily, I had my supportive friends from that neighborhood where I used to work.

I converted just before Rosh HaShanah of 5769.


  1. Incidentally, the rabbi from the shul near where I used to work has moved into that KGH I just spotlighted and I ate by him for some of my Yontiff meals.

  2. Have you ever broached the topic of why he was less than enthusiastic in keeping with your conversion process?

  3. Seriously, it's because I wouldn't date one of their nebach losers they were trying to force on me.

  4. Who? The first rabbi? He said, "I never took a dime from you!"