Monday, October 26, 2009

Another thing about why I should never marry...

Go on Craigslist, into personals, men seeking women. Type search, "frum" and see how many of these married men are looking to play around.

I'm in no hurry to get married. Maybe once I have a career, I'll have me some popsicle babies.


  1. So don't look for a married man who is looking to play around.

    What are popsicle babies?

  2. almost forgot: popsicle baby = sperm donor baby.

  3. My point is that when a girl marries, her man ends up cheating on her. Generally, the men sit on their keister and expect the women to wait on them. Someone explain to me why I want this?

  4. My husband cooks most of the Shabbos meals. He rarely sits on his keister. Hold out for a guy that cooks, cleans and can balance a checkbook!

  5. If I found someone great, that would be one thing but, this idea that I will become married as a result of having an AGENDA put on me when people offer "hospitality" is ludicrous.

    From now on, I'm in no hurry to go away for Shabbos. I'll probably lose weight, too-extra bonus.