Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ivanka and her big fat "Jewish" wedding

Again, Ivanka's conversion was not a full year. She is not dressed like an Orthodox Jewish woman in her wedding dress. Her elbows are not covered and see through lace doesn't count as covering the body-not by Orthodox Jewish standards. She wants to marry Jared.... fine, but don't make a mockery of Orthodox Judaism and Orthodox conversions.

Lookstein just did the conversion for politics. He wants conversions watered down until they are handed out in a Cracker Jack box. For those who don't know, Lookstein and Avi Weiss were very outspoken last summer that the new RCA conversion standards were too strict. Incidentally, the RCA hasn't been holding by the standards they espouse on paper, so why should anyone be upset that they are too strict? They don't count because they are just on paper.

One last thing: sorry guys, but the RCA standards do allow conversion for marriage. However, they claim they require 2 years minimum which they did not do in Ivanka's case and another case of which I know.


  1. The Curmudgeonly Israeli Giyoret here. The real damage done is not Ivanka's high-profile fast lane conversion, but how some sincere convert with no money and no connections will be subject to the strictest, most suspicious approach possiible in order to compensate for Ivanka.

    If she was allowed to convert in such a short time abd has unlimited financial resources, why didn't they have her go to Israel to study in one of the many fine women's programs here? Unlike some of us, Ivanka wouldn't have to clean houses and live on Pri-li to afford it.

  2. Just as an FYI since you never seem to mention it Lookstein was not her conversion Rabbi. Yes he sat on the Beth Din, but she studied with a different Rabbi at CKJ about 2-3 times a weeks.

  3. Our community has a policy of excluding sincere converts.

    They decided that Gerim had a hard time finding jewish spouses, so they only accept people who have a jewish partner.

    Is this not the world upside down? And who will speak out against a Rabbi who promotes this policy?

  4. But she did go to Israel didn't she?
    And here's an article talking about how her sleeves have inspired others to actually HAVE sleeves. Not everyone thinks they have to go past the elbows. Two Jews, three opinions....


  5. Anon 1: Ivanka went through a conversion at KJ.
    When I took some classes at KJ (they did not sponsor me, as I did not live in Manhattan), they were set up as I've described below in present tense grammar.

    Lookstein is the main shul rabbi for this large shul. The intermediate service is led by Rabbi Eli Weinstock. The beginner's service is led by someone else. Most classes that conversion candidates take are taught by Rabbi Weinstock. Hebrew is taught by a Chazzan training to be a rabbi or an Israeli lady.

    Upside down: I don't doubt it. They were trying to force me with every nebach on the planet and when I wasn't interested they would push off my conversion. Also, I heard someone say, "she won't date!"

    But, of course they tell you not to date....

    Anon 2:
    Because she knows Orthodox Jews will jump on it if she's strapless. Those are not Orthodox standards. We, as Orthodox Jews, do not set our standards by trashy Hollywood attire.

    I don't know if she went to Israel. She didn't study there for an extended period (as there was no extended period during her SHORT McConversion.)

  6. So if you are saying you know Rabbi Lookstein isn't the one who studied with her why are you constantly bashing him. This is the first time I have heard you mention Weinstock. If thats her sponsoring Rabbi isn't he who all your anger should be directed at?

  7. Rabbi Lookstein is the head rabbi of the shul. As I understand it, he officially sponsors people working with R. Weinstock.

  8. Oz works the same way. You take classes with a R. Kehlman but, Rabbi Schwartz is the sponsoring rabbi.