Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Culture shock for the convert: Jewish nosiness

So, in my Yahoo group for women converts/conversion candidates we're discussing how people who are Jewish from birth ask things so freely that we would never in a million years think of asking. Another thing we were discussing is how people ask (especially Jews of color but, even caucasians like myself), "how are you Jewish? You don't look Jewish." Well, along comes one of the readers of this blog on to my Facebook page-dafka I moved from this discusion to check my Facebook and there it was-the comment.

You see, I went horsey riding with 7 other girls from the Hillel at my college and I put up pictures. Right there, under the group picture was a comment asking if we were actually Jewish. Why? It just so happens that many on the trip were Jews of color or Sephardic. Now, culturally, the way I was raised, I would never do such a thing. The person should have at the least messaged me and asked me. It's funny though, by the time I saw the comment, there was already a comment from one of the girls, but one of the "cliche Jewish look" girls from the trip. I suppose having friends in this situation, they learn their friends' plight. It's good to see.

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