Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eruv Yom Kippur Apologies

I suppose this Email should have gone up sooner, but I've been outrageously busy. Plus, Time Warner's crappy equipment has already crapped even though I only just got internet at home this summer. So, I'm stuck back on the neighbor's signal or at the kosher subway, where they let people use their signal. I got an Email on Friday from someone who stopped talking to me months back. It was titled, "hi!" and in my innocence I was thinking Hi! like she wants to see what I've been up to and so on. DUH! I should have known better.

Yom Kippur looming overhead means that Jews are apologizing to people they have no intention of ever speaking to ever again in their lives. Maybe I'm a little cynical, but I think there is something phony about "hi!" The reality is that this girl can't stand me, thinks she's better than me and so on. She just wanted her pass for Yom Kippur. Maybe it's better if people keep their arrogant attitudes that fester underneath their sweet exteriors in check in the first place.

I didn't reply to the Email.

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