Thursday, March 24, 2011

Expanding upon that girl with her comments after class...

What I failed to say in my recent post, was how much this girl went overboard. She started out not so offensive, as I mentioned. Some of the over the line things she asked though was when she started asking which beis din I went through. Then she asked if I'm accepted where I live. I thought that was not so nice. She started harping on, "well wasn't it hard to give up...." ? How do I feel about keeping Shabbos alone every week since I just admitted that no one accepts me in my community. Yes, long winded, I have the blog and such but it's this, "I just want to step in and represent the Jewish people by letting YOU know that we don't like or want your kind," that comes through in these interactions. All I can say is that I'm sorry I actually thought I wanted to be Jewish now that I know how shallowness and self-absorbness is considered desired self attributes. I really believed Gd wanted me to convert. Now I'm left to wonder if any of it is real.

Now, I know what most of you are going to say: that I should move-leave NYC. I'm sorry, but I moved to NYC because I wanted to live here, not because I wanted to convert. As a marketing major, I need to be here because this is where all the marketing research/advertising jobs are. This is also where there is a school I want to go to for grad school (after a break from school, though and just working, I'm exhausted). Finally, I'm comfortable here. I know my way around and I just don't feel excruiatingly inclined to go to someplace new and acclamate myself to it, not even 'Jersey. I am not leaving New York State.


  1. One of the main attributes of jews is supposed to be kindness. As she obviously lacks that, id say ur more jewish than she is. She is part of something because she doesnt know different, you because of an actual decision, and much thought.

    And yes, Being proudly from the wast coast I will say new york has something to do with

  2. As a representative of the Jewish people, I want to say that Klal Yisreal would be very lacking without you. Hashem wanted you to convert, and I'm glad you did.

  3. Aw, so sweet.Aztec, you're awesome.... next post going up around 3pm tomorrow....

  4. long winded anony:
    As someone that has moved a couple times, moving likely won't solve anything UNLESS one already has a contacts and a few close folks that in the area. Otherwise without friends or family, it is going to be lonely and not really trading anything.

    No sooner than moving to NYC was I encouraged to make aliyah!

  5. try to learn to be a little witty when people ask you questions. you have many options. like answering a question with a question.

    if you answer their questions with catch phrases, they won't be so into asking more questions....but if you answer them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable, then they may think you're not jewish enough, even if they're the ones to make you feel uncomfortable in the first place.

    sometimes all it takes not to make things more complex is a good story.