Monday, March 28, 2011

No really who IS Sephardic? And other drama from the Jewish class....

So, you may recall my recent post where I discussed the three nusachs. Well, now we are after the midterm and we are discussing it again. The thing is that everyone says that if someone isn't Ashkenazi, they are Sephardic. However, what about Edot HaMizrach? Incidentally, that literally translates as communities from East. The professor says the Sephardim never intermarried to Mizrachi types. I say that's garbage. One of his arguments was that Pesach comes and what are they to do? Even if they take the husband's traditions how do they go to an Ashkenaz in-laws' house for a meal? Well, this is silly. First off, I asked my rabbi and he explicitly told me that kitnyos is NOT chametz. Second of all, it really is not that deep. Either you make sure that's the holiday that the Ashkenaz extended family gets or the Sephardic family makes plenty of items that you can eat. People know about this so they won't figure it's because her cooking sucks.

I was rolling my eyes in the last class. Of course, I don't know anything because I have a goyishe Irish last name.

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  1. Some rabbi's will tell you that kitniyot is pretty much chametz. The only difference is tat you dont have to sell it before pesach. However, to use a pot / pan that kitniyot was cooked in is not allowed. Thats what my rabbi said, we went through this whole thing 'cause a relative of mine married a persian guy, and invited us 4 pesach. We were told we couldnt go.