Sunday, March 6, 2011

We're Golden... Aren't We?


Take a look at this link regarding a company most of us know and buy from:

It’s really crazy that they are averaging a cool half million per staff member per year. Somehow, that seems a little…. Not kosher…. I mean really, is THAT normal? Why is Michal even bothering to look up information on a frozen veggie and Cholav Yisrael milk company, anyway? That’s a good question.

So it seems the people at Golden Flow seem to have gotten word that their company name was not so Golden. FINALLY-after 24 years of business, they figure this one out. I mean they can make a cool half mill per employee in sales but they can't figure out that their name sounds more like a liquid you get rid of than one you might drink? 

So there I was cooking my Broccoli for Shabbos when I noticed that the label now says, “Golden GLOW” instead of the previous, “Golden Flow.” “Hmmm,” I wondered if it could somehow be a knock off. I pulled other vegetables out of the freezer to look at their packages. Of course, I soooo did NOT have time to be doing that but I was stunned, “could something like this have really gone down without me hearing about it BEFORE I saw the packages?” I examined and compared old packages and new packages. Yes. It is definitely the same animal… (vegetable!!! Mineral….)

The best part of all is that this means I beat Heshy Fried to some really cool material!

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