Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hadag Nachash is in California today!!!

Just a little shout out to Hadag Nachash that I saw in concert Sunday night. They are in San Diego tonight and I believe they are already there. In that spirit do I post their song, California and the lyrics that someone put on YouTube.

we went on a trip on the ROUTE ONE
to the right trees, to the left the sea
the car is huge, swallowing the petrol
the cruise-control is embedded on a 100 *(KPH)
everything's so pretty, makes you feel like crying
hitting (making) a U-turn every other minute

we climbed to the lookout to view the Pacific what a nice day, ABSOLUTELY TERREFIC "dude, check it out, there's a whale we can ride on his back all the way to Japan!" stepping on it *(the pedal), goading the engine there's nothing like American car- nothing! we entered the studio IN THE POCKET with a little like we'll bang all the rhymes just like Haim Heffer *(Israeli poet) record the whole album and go back to the green boundary *(Israeli '67 boarder line)

in the studio everyone's enthusiastic with the gear
and also from the "flower" *(weed) the DUDE got us
we went out to cool off in the RED WOOD forests
we went a little deep and got a little lost
pull the camera out and do some documentation
hold your hand steady, dude you're losing focus
Yossi take command, do some editing
Yo, dude, check out the echoing
endless cruises man check the scene, stop the car and let's get down to the beach light up a "small one" *(joint) we gotta have something to burn oh now I got the "mancheese" I gotta'eat something yo dude check it out- a seal (hau-hau) Shaanan, stop being a moron.. California California, you're so hot yeah I’d love to go down with you X2 California California, my darling i have to ask- is it all real? -end-

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