Thursday, July 23, 2009

Anyone out there with Anemia?

So, it's the nine days and I'm trying to eat things that are not red meat that are high in iron. My friend's mom found a cereal that has 70% of the daily value of Iron so, my friend is taunting me to find something better. The cereal is from Costco. It is Kirkland, "Blueberry Pecan." Bamba peanut snacks ring in at 25% of the daily requirement. I've also found that some of the Tabatchnik soups have 10, 15 and 20% of your daily requirement of iron. Cashews ring in at 10%. On my quest to find foods that are high in iron for anemia, I also found soybeans and peas (8% and 6%).

Please readers, feel free to add any foods that have 10% or more of your daily % of iron. Has anyone checked cereal labels? I might do that. I checked my Go Lean Crunch to find it at 10%.

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