Monday, July 27, 2009

Playing With Fire

The book I just finished reading is called "Playing With Fire" by Tova Mordechai. I googled it and it seemed to be currently called, "To Play With Fire," as well as revised.

When a conversion candidate gets tired of reading all the heavy books on straight halacha, perhaps, they could take a break and read something like this. I found this book in an interesting way. I was at a Shabbos meal and the rabbi's oldest daughter who is in her early 20's and I were talking. She recommend this book to me, as parts of my story are similar to Tova Modechai's story. She even lent me her own copy.

Tova/Tonica is the daughter of a minister and a Jewish woman. She left Xtianity and an Xtian college to become a religious Jewish girl. She kept a dairy so this is an extremely even autobiography. Most autobios are uneven because they come from the writers memories and maybe the memories of family and friends. They tend to be much heavier on the more recent happenings or not depict very accurately how the writer felt then about the experience then. Instead, the past is watered down by what happened later.

This book is a must read for converts, conversion candidates and baal teshuvahs. I couldn't put this book down as, I continuously couldn't wait to find out what would happen next.


  1. oh good i'm so happy you liked it! I also really liked it alot!