Thursday, July 23, 2009

How long should someone be in the process before being converted?

I would just like to take stock from some of my readers. If someone has been in the process for six months and they are getting angry and upset that they are not converted, is this reasonable? According to written guidelines, the RCA claims to look for two years as a rule of thumb. My understanding was that it was supposed to be extremely ususual to convert in less than a year. It seems like every candidate seems like they are special and the exception to the rule.

I've stated over and over again, that a year minimum and the regular standard is that it usually takes longer. However, I know too many girls who become fully observant right away and then have a fit that they are not converted. Also, the extenuating circumstances when rabbis might lower the amount of time is generally for those who already converted under another stream or who were raised Reform or Conservative and aren't halachically Jewish.

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