Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's the 17th of Tammuz and I'm HUNGRY!!!!

Have you ever noticed how on a fast day, you crave all these things you never even eat? I mean you get cravings like a pregnant woman. Then the fast could officially be over and after being hungry all day, all the sudden, you're stuffed, BEFORE you've eaten. WHERE did that come from?


  1. Ha. I (kind of) know what you're talking about. ..though I haven't eperienced it in quite that way...

  2. I like to, at times, look for proper Hebrew names that correspond to English ones (I wasn't sure Michal was the closest thing there is to Nicole). I did some research, and it seems that it's a relatively recent phenomenon to use a female version of Nicholai for a girl. In regards to Nicholai itself. it seems it's a Greek name which means "victorious people" or something (Nick for a guy). I don't think there's anything close to being "victorios people" in Hebrew unfortunately (happens with a lot of those kinds of names. Though some names work quite well, for example Amanda and Chaviva).

    If there was a name "notzachat", "netzach" or "nitzchit" in Hebrew it would actually be pretty accurate, but I'm afraid there isn't really such a name. ..I would have considered "Nechama" or "Nadiva" (for the "N"), but Michal is just as well...

    ...sorry 'bout that! : )

  3. Yes, I found Netzach and Nitchayon in a name book. One of the reasons why I landed on this name is because I was "accidentally" called Michelle my whole life. Interestingly, I have a cousin named Michelle who I had lost touch with when I converted. She has since messaged my Nicole Facebook ID. I don't like the names that start with "N." I originally tried to go with an alternate to Michal which is Micol but the rabbis wouldn't go for it. I had considered Kalanit (which contains the K-L-N, whereas I am N-K-L, the same sounds in a different order) but, I don't think the rabbis would have gone for that either.

    I have this whole corny run I do about who's challah is it...

    Mi challah?
    -AH! -AH! Mi challAH? (correcting me)
    ME! Michal! It's my challah.

  4. ahahaha, that IS pretty corny (no offense!).

    But: Yeah, if you're usually Michelle then Michal is obviously pretty damn accurate..

    In regards to the logical structure of your sentances:
    1.I don't see what your having a cousin Michelle has to do with anything (I actually also have a cousin Michelle!).
    2. "Micol"?
    3. Kalanit is kind of hot (nothing to do with the fact that I once knew a hot girl named Kalanit!), I don't think they would have opposed..

  5. Well, I'm not usually Michelle, but, it went along with it. It would be like my teachers would call me Michelle and they would say, "Where did I get that from?" From elementary on up.

    Actually, I asked my mom once why I wasn't name Michelle and she said it's because we already had one and in our family, we don't name anyone after a living relative.

    1) Yes, I guess the whole cousin thing was a ramble...

    2) Yes, Micol, alternate pronounciation. In fact, I think it's probably more accurate.

    3) They would NOT have gone for Kalanit. They fussed because the other girl took an Israeli name-Meital. They said, "what's wrong with a Torah name?" They conceded to my Tanach name after grilling me: who was her father and who was her husband.

  6. I know this white guy who was named Tyron (strangely enough) and changed his name to Yaron when he became Jewish (now those are names that work pretty well together).