Monday, June 21, 2010

Bags: fashion from the Michaltastik prospective...

I'm not one of those fashion-obsessed girls. I never have been and I never will be. So, right now, there is a fashion, I find a little odd. I'm talking about what I call the oversized armpit bags. It's seems like all the girls have one of these. Furthermore, it seems like they are always looking for something in them. I see them all the time on the subway with their arm lifted rooting and looting through their bag. Another thing I see is multiple purses. I mean does someone really need to carry 3 or 4 smaller bags? Wouldn't it be easier to carry one big bag?

It seems like lately, women are criticizing my backpack. Shoving me on the subway making comments about my "big" backpack that might only have one thing inside it. When did the backpack lose it's appeal as a timeless classic?

Incidentally girls, I'm bucking your oversized armpit bag fashion in favor of the classic, my backpack. You won't catch me in those ugly oversized sunglasses, either. They were ugly in the 70's when people wore them and they're still ugly now.


  1. I'm assuming you're talking about tote bags. First of all, most people with backpacks are annoying because they have no clue they are wacking other people with them. Second, most of those people are snotty students who are over the top. Third, on a crowded rush hour train, a backpack really adds a PITA factor.

    On to the second bit, multiple bags in a handbag keeps things organized just like multiple pockets/compartments in a handbag. Mostly, one will see a cosmetics bag and a wristlet (to hold id, cards, cash).

    Finally, it seems you are angry at those who are "fashion-obsessed." Do these people make you feel bad about yourself? Are they hurting you? No. You don't have to be into fashion but hopefully you care about looking decent.

  2. "Third, on a crowded rush hour train, a backpack really adds a PITA factor. "

    Yeah well the people who lean into my backpack and then scream at me that I'm hitting them with my bag are PITAs. I get wacked by plenty of purses or arms that are further out than they could be because they have a wad of tote bag under them.

    Also, I wasn't talking about multiple bags inside a bag. I was talking about two bags under this armpit and another under the other armpit and a shopping bag on the wrist. All these bags to worry about someone stealing them from you or forgetting them somewhere. Another thing that I can't understand why they don't find it annoying is the purse constantly falling off your shoulder.