Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The rate my prof reviews of a prof I'll be taking later on in the summer....

Now, those of you who read my blog know, I like to have a hay day with the rate my professor comments. I tried looking at comments for not the business major and I didn't find material for the blog. One particular note, is that we have several online classes, which is appealing to me because of my 2 hour commute to college. Next summer session, I'm taking an online class... here are some of the ratemyprofessor.com comments on the professor....

"UNBELIEVABLE IS ALL I HAVE TO SAY! Tests are insanely difficult! How can we do such complicated homework when we arent taught anything? THE MOST HARDEST CLASS WITH THE WORST PROFESSOR EVER! he does not explain anything! Did not respond to any e-mails until everyone began complaining to the head of the dept. one word TERRIBLE!"

Ok, the tests may well be difficult, but, as to the comment, we aren't taught anything... it's an online class. You're supposed to study the material on your own. I swear, they should require a 2.85 minimum GPA for online classes like they do an independant study. It's basically the same thing.

"would not recommend!!..never answered students emails...hard homework, which we were given no help on...waited until week before final to offer to help students...final wasn't that hard, took questions from the quizzes on line..managed to get a B-, but could of got a better grade if professor was more helpful..."

What help is the prof supposed to give? He doesn't teach calculus. It's "could have," maybe even "could've" but definitely not "could of."

In closing, I'll mention, I Emailed my class to see if anyone wanted to form a study group. I got a whole bunch of kickbacks. About four or five of the kickbacks were from the domain of the community college from which many of the students come. Now first off, this is a summer class, so they've been out of there for over a year, they don't think it's time to fix that? Then I'll point out, why are they even using the Email address for a college they aren't going to? Even if they used it when they applied, why would they do that? You know they are going to keep this on file, free Email addresses are in abundance.... I have a hotmail I started just for college-related correspondance. Furthermore, how do they expect to take an online class if they don't even have their account connected to a valid Email address?

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  1. I have not heard that use of the term "kickback" before. I thought a kickback was a type of bribe and would have used "bounce" or "bounceback" in this context.

    More substantively, not having an up to date email address is just ridiculous for something related to academics. I haven't updated my email address on every single website after my undergraduate account expired, but many of those are for social networking sites and the like. I have trouble comprehending why someone would use an out of date email for something that actually mattered.