Sunday, June 6, 2010

“You don’t have to get good grades…”

I’m thoroughly annoyed with someone who is supposed to be a friend of mine. Every time I talk to this person, if I am asked how I am and I make the mistake of mentioning school, I get these speeches about how I don’t have to get an A in every subject or something to that effect.
Now, first off, I don’t have a 4.0 GPA and I don’t even think that’s very realistic for the workload I had this past semester with my 16 credit hours. Second of all, when I started back to school last September and I told this very same person that my goal was to break 3.0 GPA, she told me I should get a 4.0.

Most recently this came up because I mentioned that I’m taking an economics class in the fall that is basically calculus. Now, normally, you don’t go around taking Calculus with a math background as weak as mine. I haven’t taken a math class in 18 years. Where I left off 18 years ago was only two years of high school math. I haven’t taken Trig or pre-calc. Yes, my college has protections to prevent this from happening to students. However, as a transfer student with several credits, I was just sort of shooed on through without taking the placement entrance exams. So, on one hand this is good, because who knows what would have happened if I had had to take that entrance exam, if I would have even gotten in. On the other hand, now, I’m faced with the task of getting myself up to speed before taking Math Econ-errrrrrrrr-calculus in the fall.

So, for this, I am chastised as being “obsessed” with good grades. I was told my someone else, not to study up because that’s the professor’s job to teach me. Ummmm, it’s the professor’s job to teach me the items from that course, not high school and grammar school math. Furthermore, I’m not walking into a calculus class without so much as a firm knowledge of high school math. This “friend” who repeatedly suggests such a thing probably would not do so herself.

So, now I ask my readers, am I crazy?


  1. Yes, unfortunately. Your friend is just trying to be helpful.

  2. In my opinion one should be obsessed with good grades. I was when I was a student.

  3. No -- I don't think aiming for a 3.0 GPA falls under the rubric of being "obsessed" with grades. And it sounds like your getting-up-to-speed-ism has mostly to do with comprehending what the professor will be talking about in the fall!.... i.e. not some compulsive pursuit of the perfect 4.000 GPA.

    Tell your friend to go....anti-differentiate a derivative or something.